Who Is Gloria Aiken? George Frazier Death Cause Revealed


February 18, 2008, was the point at which the news on George Frazier’s missing began revealing each entryway of wrongdoing and examination.

The grumbling was enrolled by Gloria Aiken herself, for which she is currently carrying on with her prison life.


Who Is Gloria Aiken? Gloria was dating George Frazier after her first spouse, with whom she had two kids.

Gloria and Frazier have been together starting around 1998. Frazier assisted her bring up her two little girls as his with buying.

He used to deal with them as their mom was occupied with working at the mail center.

Gloria was generally a task individual. Snapped recorded, she was very rousing to individuals via her chances making disposition.

For what reason Did Gloria Aiken Kill Her Husband? Gloria Aiken is the mother of two youngsters. She was just 18 when her first youngster was born.

In any case, her relationship with her better half was not typical that each couple as a parent needs to have. Also this intricacy prompted him being not able to make due in the strain of being a parent.

As there is no reasonable data about the passing of her better half, to some degree she has been the suspect.

The family issues or the humiliation of being a mother at an early age might be the reason.

George Frazier Death Cause: Why Did She Kill Him? A costly existence with $250,000 might be the reason for George Frazier’s passing.

It is observed that Gloria paid a large portion of the family consumptions. Frazier additionally frequently helped her yet had a $250,000 extra security strategy under his name.

This sum made Gloria blind in front of everything.

However it was not satisfactory at first with regards to the killer, the April 2004 case made sufficient proof to capture her.

Subsequently Gloria Aiken got captured for the homicide of George Frazier on May 13, 2014.

Insights regarding The Case George was born in 1965 was extremely kind with a capable of humor. No one had figured he would be no additional during his heartfelt dating existence with Gloria.

The story starts after Gloria’s objection about his missing one day, and the examination starts.

From that point onward, the homicide case was laid out when a couple strolling along the coastline of Bardwell Lake in Ellis Country, Texas, observed a human leg enclosed by a plastic sack, and others parts observed somewhere else matched the DNA test.

Further examination results coordinated Gloria towards a perfect homicide who stayed away from the significant inquiries posed by the cops.

One more man was likewise found with whom she was in a mysterious relationship.

So a solitary lady trapped in an undertaking with three individuals wound up in jail for quite some time.