Who is Hadasa Karvavanibozak? Brooklyn woman throwing coffee at pro-Palestinian and his toddler, arrested

Hadasa Karvavanibozak, 48, handed herself over at the New York Police Office earlier today
The one who supposedly tossed espresso at a man wearing a Palestinian scarf and his kid
She was blamed for going after and shouting at a 40-year-old dad and his 18-month-old child

The individual associated with attacking a man and his kid in a Brooklyn jungle gym for wearing a Palestinian scarf has deliberately given up to the police.


Who is Hadasa Karvavanibozak?

Hadasa Karvavanibozak, 48, handed herself over at the New York Police Office in the wake of being distinguished by policing. The occurrence happened at Edmonds Jungle gym in Stronghold Greene on November 7, where Karvavanibozak purportedly defied a 40-year-old dad and his 18-month-old child.

Nearby occupants nearby the jungle gym stepped up to the plate by disseminating printed photos of the denounced on walls and retail facades. Karvavanibozak is having to deal with penalties of a disdain wrongdoing, crazy danger, and exasperated badgering.

After giving up, it was affirmed by the police that Karvavanibozak was not the mother of the other kid associated with the occurrence. As indicated by the person in question, the dad, recognized as Prashar, his child was playing with Karvavanibozak’s youngster when she drew nearer and asked in the event that he upheld Hamas. At the point when Prashar declined to reply, the circumstance heightened, with the lady forcefully teaching him to leave. Prashar started recording the experience, during which Karvavanibozak purportedly tossed some espresso and her telephone toward him.

While Prashar claims the lady called him a psychological oppressor, the video catches her telling him to “Move away, move away, move away from me.” In this way, when he quit recording, Karvavanibozak kept on moving toward Prashar, purportedly striking him on the hand on various occasions. Head of Analysts Joseph Kenny expressed that the distinguishing proof of Karvavanibozak involved significant analytical endeavors, including CrimeStopper tips and PC work nearby.