Who is Halli Thorleifsson? Elon Musk drama explained as Twitter CEO slammed for seemingly mocking disability

Halli Thorleifsson, an honor winning fashioner from Iceland who experiences solid dystrophy, as of late made news in the wake of contacting Elon Musk on Twitter to affirm whether he was terminated from his work on the virtual entertainment stage.

The trade between the two started after Thorleifsson shared a long string saying that he lost admittance to his work PC almost nine days prior when Twitter terminated another 200 representatives.


In any case, he guaranteed that the HR couldn’t affirm assuming Thorleifsson was as yet utilized at the organization. This incited him to impart his interests on Twitter to the expectation that Musk would answer if his post got sufficient commitment:

Not long after, the SpaceX pioneer gave the endorsement himself. Thorleifsson then, at that point, shared that he “drove the work to save about $500k on one SaaS contract,” “drove prioritization of configuration undertakings to ensure the organization had the option to convey with a little group,” and “drove plan crits to assist with stepping up plan across the organization.”

He said he was likewise the “recruiting director for all plan jobs” and dealt with endeavors “to control the organization away from zeroing in on power clients and on to more youthful clients,” in addition to other things.

Elon Musk later composed that Thorleifsson did “no genuine work” at the organization and guaranteed that he blamed solid dystrophy:

“Actually this person (who is freely well off) accomplished no genuine work, guaranteed as his reason that he had an inability that kept him from composing, at this point was all the while tweeting up a tempest. Can’t say I have a ton of regard for that.”

Musk’s reaction ignited quick reaction via web-based entertainment, with many blaming him for ridiculing inability. A few clients likewise brought up that Halli Thorleifsson was an honor winning originator whose organization was gained by Twitter.

Haraldur Thorleifsson, who goes by the nom de plume, is an Icelandic planner. As per his authority site, he procured a B.S. in Money and a B.A. in Way of thinking from the College of Iceland.

Thorleifsson was likewise set to get a M.S. in Financial aspects yet could unfinished his certificate. He has hereditary muscle dystrophy and experiences a structure called dysferlinopathy.

Thorleifsson began a plan organization called Ueno and ran it for quite some time before the organization was obtained by Twitter in 2021. Ueno planned brands and encounters for organizations like Airbnb, Apple, ESPN, Dropbox, Facebook, Google, NY Times, Oculus, PayPal, Uber, Venmo, Visa, and Walmart, among others.

The organization additionally won grants like the Webby’s, D&AD Grants, Red Spot Grants, Awwwards, FWAs, and that’s just the beginning. It was supposedly highlighted on Inc 5000 a few times.

Halli Thorleifsson likewise began a non-benefit called Bueno determined to give cash to “great individuals doing beneficial things.”

The fashioner won numerous esteemed honors himself. According to his authority site, the Leader of Iceland once granted him “for being great at business things.”

He likewise got The Request for the Bird of prey, the Icelandic award of valor, for commitments to the country’s social issues and was named Iceland’s Individual of the Year in 2022.

Moreover, Halli Thorleifsson began an asset that made 100 wheelchair slopes in Reykjavik in eight months. The drive has previously been included by the Unified Countries and got grants from the Icelandic Common liberties Place. It intends to construct 1500 additional slopes in Iceland throughout the following four years.

The 45-year-old is likewise constructing a little bistro, bar, and film in Reykjavik called Anna Jona, which is set to open this year. He is in any event, making a craftsman residency, studio, and display on the edges of Reykjavik with his better half, which is set to open in 2025.

Addressing the BBC about his choice to offer his organization Ueno to Twitter in 2021, Halli Thorleifsson said:

Notwithstanding his inventive work, Thorleifsson likewise makes music as Onnu Jonu Child. His collection, The Radio Won’t Allow Me To rest, is booked for discharge this year.

Elon Musk as of late experienced harsh criticism for apparently deriding Halli Thorleifsson and his strong dystrophy.

Thorleifsson took to web-based entertainment to explain his business status at Twitter. His string specifying how Twitter slice off his admittance to his work PC without sending him an email about his business status became a web sensation on the web and incited a discussion with Musk.

Nonetheless, Musk chuckled at Thorleifsson’s assignment before the last option at long last gotten an email about being laid off from Twitter. The Tesla Chief additionally guaranteed that the originator did “no genuine work” and blamed his state of being.

Musk’s assertion ignited reaction via web-based entertainment, and many called him out for deriding and terminating the honor winning fashioner:

Halli Thorleifsson finished up his internet based discussion with Elon Musk by taking note of that the last option snickered at him yet adding that he is “very amusing.”

He even said that he was likewise alright with being laid off by Twitter however requested that virtual entertainment clients “remain tuned” to check whether Musk, “quite possibly of the most extravagant individual on the planet,” would finish his installment according to the agreement:

As per The New York Times, Twitter terminated 200 representatives in one more round of cutbacks last week and cut back 10% of its 2000 individuals solid labor force.