Who is Hazem Nasser? Palestinian photojournalist shot by Israeli forces while covering aggression in Jenin

Hazem Nasser is a photojournalist who was born in 1991
Nasser is a local of the West Bank settlement of Shweikeh
Nasser was shot in the heightening attack that is occurring in Jenin

An Israeli soldier shot a Palestinian photojournalist on Monday while he was reporting the public authority’s raising attack on Jenin, an involved city in the northern West Bank.


Hazem Nasser was shot and harmed on Monday during an involving armed force strike on the flashpoint city, as indicated by the Quds News Organization. He was said to have a moderate to serious disease, and he is as of now getting a medical procedure.

Who is Hazem Nasser?

Hazem Nasser is a photojournalist who was born in 1991. Nasser is a local of the West Bank settlement of Shweikeh.

In 2023, Nasser was shot in the raising attack that is occurring in Jenin. He is right now getting treatment. It occurred after furious battling broke out between opposition individuals and Israeli government powers during a strike on Jenin by the last option.

Israeli powers utilized live projectiles during the engagements, eliminating somewhere around four Palestinians and harming various others. A couple of meters from where veteran writer Shireen Abu Akleh was killed last year, Israeli occupation expert riflemen purportedly shot directly at columnists covering the system’s invasion on Jenin.

As a columnist for the Palestinian broadcasting company Falastin Al-Ghad in 2021, Nasser reported the heightening turmoil in Jerusalem brought about by Jewish patriot walks, Palestinian fights, and Israeli police brutality.

On May 10, 2021, Nasser went toward the northern involved West Bank to get film of a showdown between Palestinian dissidents and the Israeli armed force. Not the actual contention, nor the Israeli and Hamas-drove military tasks that began soon thereafter, however what befell Nasser a while later is what Nasser recollects most about that day.

At the point when Israeli powers at the Huwara crossing halted Nasser coming back and removed him for addressing, he was voyaging home. Nasser stayed in care for over a month while being consistently addressed by the Shin Bet, Israel’s inward security association.

Nasser expressed, “Every one of the inquiries were about my news-casting. They put pictures from my video covers the table, including a burial service of a dead Palestinian, individuals gathering for a dissent, a square respecting a shaheed, a walk with Hamas banners. The examiner let me know I can’t photo these things, since they are actuation. I let him know that I am a writer and this is my responsibility to show pictures of things that are occurring, and that Israeli outlets do exactly the same thing. He hollered at me to stop.”

Nasser showed up in court in mid-June and was accused of actuation. Instead of zeroing in on his editorial work, as the cross examinations did, the prosecution featured four old Facebook postings he had composed somewhere in the range of 2018 and 2020, a period during which he composed more than 1,000 posts. As per the arraignment papers, he hailed the demise of Israeli The travel industry Priest Rehavam Ze’evi in 2001 and called a Palestinian aggressor associated with killing two Israelis a “legend,” in addition to other things.

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