Who is Holden Armenta? Parents of young Chiefs fan threaten to sue Deadspin

Holden Armenta, a 9-year-old Kansas City Bosses fan, faces debate as Deadspin blamed him for racial harshness
Armenta wore blackface during a game
His folks, Shannon and Raul Armenta, are undermining lawful activity against Deadspin

a new occurrence including a 9-year-old Kansas City Bosses fan, Holden Armenta, has touched off a firestorm of discussion and lawful ramifications. The impetus for this ruckus was an article written via Carron J. Phillips for Deadspin, which blamed youthful Holden for racial obtuseness during a game against the Las Vegas Bandits on November 26.


The aftermath from this dubious piece has now raised to a possible fight in court, as Holden’s folks, Shannon and Raul Armenta, look for review for what they see as maligning.

Who is Holden Armenta?

Holden Armenta, an apparently conventional 9-year-old, ended up push into the spotlight when a Deadspin article via Carron J. Phillips claimed that the youthful Bosses fan had taken part in racially heartless way of behaving by embellishing blackface during a game. The allegations were not just bound to an off track design decision; rather, Phillips proceeded to guarantee that Holden had some way or another “figured out how to can’t stand individuals of color” through his showcase of help for the Kansas City Bosses.

The debate immediately got forward momentum across the web, with Phillips’ article being broadly shared and investigated on a worldwide scale. As the story unfurled, it became evident that Holden’s folks were not ready to allow these charges to stand unchallenged.

Shannon and Raul Armenta have enrolled the lawful mastery of Clare Locke LLP, a firm with a demonstrated history in slander cases. In light of the allegations against their child, the Armentas are requesting a withdrawal from Deadspin and Carron J. Phillips. The proper solicitation, made through Clare Locke LLP, requires the expulsion of articles, posts, and photographs connected with Holden with similar energy with which they were scattered.

This lawful move by the Armentas mirrors a developing pattern of people and elements standing up against what they see as harming falsehood, especially in the period of viral content and moment data spread.

Shannon Armenta, Holden’s mom, has arisen as a steadfast safeguard of her child, testing the story set forth by Deadspin. She has freely shared numerous pictures displaying her child’s positive gathering at the game, contending that the dubious photograph chose by Deadspin helpfully covered the way that main portion of Holden’s face was painted red.

As the fight in court unfurls, it prompts reflection on the moral obligations of news sources while covering touchy issues including minors.