Who is Ike Ekweremadu? Nigerian Organ harvesting UK scandal explained


On Thursday, Walk 23, Nigerian representative Ike Ekweremadu was sentenced by a UK court in an organ gathering plot. As per BBC, Ekweremadu schemed to oppress a 21-year-old Nigerian public to gather his organs. The organs were supposedly to be given to his little girl.

According to Vanguard News on June 23, 2022, examiners ensnared Ike Ekweremadu in the organ reaping plot alongside his better half, his girl, and Dr Obinna Obeta. While authorities in the end cleared Ekweremadu’s little girl, Sonia, everything being equal, he was sentenced for the trick alongside Dr Obeta and his significant other, Beatrice.


At the hour of the connivance, Sonia was on dialysis, and required an organ gift. Ike Ekweremadu and his assistants apparently sorted out for the 21-year-old Nigerian public to come to the UK, where he would claim to be Sonia’s cousin, subsequently permitting him to be qualified to give an organ to her. The 21-year-old Nigerian told the UK court that he was guaranteed 7000 pounds consequently.

As indicated by the Day to day Trust, Ike Ekweremadu is a 60-year-old lawmaker partnered with Individuals’ Progressive faction. He likewise filled in as the Representative Leader of the Nigerian Senate.

Born in Enugu State, Ekweremadu was called to the Nigerian bar in 1987, subsequent to graduating with a graduate degree in regulation from the College of Nigeria. He officially started his political vocation in 1997, after he was named as the Chief Director of the Aninri Nearby Government Gathering. After continuously ascending the progressive system to a senatorial job, he reported that he would resign from office in 2023.

In an authority proclamation made after Ike Ekweremadu was ensnared in the organ gathering trick, Boss Crown Examiner Joanne Jakymec denounced his activities. She guaranteed that he capitalized on his leverage in legislative issues to take advantage of the youthful casualty.

“The sentenced respondents showed utter negligence for the casualty’s government assistance, wellbeing and prosperity and capitalized on their extensive leverage to a serious level of control all through, with the casualty having restricted comprehension of what was truly happening here.”

“Present day subjection is surrounding us. We want the public’s assistance in distinguishing possible survivors of dealing and abuse to deal with guilty parties and safeguard the defenseless.” She proceeded to recognize the person in question, who ventured forward and stood up against Ekweremadu notwithstanding his impact.

“We could never have accomplished this conviction without the assistance of one man, the casualty survivor. I compliment him for his most extreme valiance.” The court noticed that while organ gift is allowed under UK regulation, giving a money related compensation to an organ is unlawful. Ike Ekweremadu will confront a condemning hearing on May 5.