Who Is Island Boy Girlfriend Montaisha? Fight With Girlfriend Caught On Tape


Montaisha is known as the young lady of Florida rapper Kodiyakredd otherwise known as Franky Venegas who has been hitting her.

The Island Boys, Kodiyakredd, and his twin brother Flyysoulja circulated around the web toward the end of last year with a free-form hot-tub rap about being a little islander.


The tune immediately took off the web where two tattoo-shrouded Florida young men should be visible displaying their rap styles.

Video: Who Is Island Boy Girlfriend Montaisha? Little islander Kodiyakredd’s better half Montaisha Shanell’s video cut was flowed a couple of days prior. Clearly, Montaisha had enough of his maltreatment and chose to retaliate with him.

She shared a progression of posts through her Instagram posts which are presently erased. However, Def Noodles reposted the screen captures, just as catches from an Instagram Live stream.

That exact same night Montaisha should be visible taking full breaths and crying against a restroom entryway, hand on the nob as though to keep somebody out.

A lady can be heard calling to her behind the scenes offering support.

Montaisha likewise shared an injury lip picture for her. She further added a subtitle saying, “Lemme show you what it resembles to be an Island Girl beat on each day dealt with don’t like anything. Try not to accept the fantasy they sell you.”

Islander Fight With Girlfriend Montaisha Caught On Tape Islander Kodiyakredd battling with his sweetheart Montaisha Shanell was gotten on tape. There are various recordings showing maltreatment between the two, frequently caught on Instagram Live.

Montaisha for the most part truly does live video shoots and one of her Instagram Live shows Kodiyakredd shouting at her.

In September, another transfer shows one more of her IG Live streams where she discusses how Kodiyakredd beats her.

Montaisha at last broke reality in a clasp reposted to YouTube in December saying she had enough of this. There she lets her watchers know that he beats her consistently which has been continuing for a really long time.

She adds, the fans who need to help him that is cool, yet she’s finished. She likewise says she is finished taking the maltreatment and offering a lie to individuals.

Little islander Getting Beat Up By His Girlfriend Back in April 2021, a video of Island Boy Kodiyakredd beat up by his better half Montaisha was spilled on Youtube.

The video was initially caught in one of her Instagram Live streams showing Kodiyakredd crying in the vehicle as Shanell punches at him.

Montaisha was draining from her mouth and shouting at him to see her split lip, blaming him for causing it.

It appears as though the rapper hit her and her cutoff of suffering crossed. She looked exceptionally disturbed and in torment so we can figure she chose to retaliate and provide him with the painful but much needed consequence.

Angrily, as she retaliated he began dodging down. The probably reason he dodged down was perhaps he realized he was being recorded so he would have rather not her before the camera.

Yet, he seemed as though he was frightened of her and accepting her beating also.


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