Who is Jamar Graham? High School QB goes viral for his arm talent and running over much-smaller defenders

As a sophomore in 2021, Graham was the beginning quarterback for stalwart Cedar Woods
He tossed for 1,732 yards, 17 scores and only four interferences en route to Atlanta Diary Constitution All-Metro praises
That year he likewise drove his 12-3 Holy people to a Class 3A state title with a 352-yard, five-score execution

In the domain of football exploring, the inclination for taller quarterbacks has been a longstanding practice. The reasoning behind this inclination is that taller quarterbacks enjoy a benefit with regards to perceivability on the field, as they can undoubtedly study the battleground over the hostile line. This pattern has continued for a really long time, with mentors regularly inclining toward quarterbacks of more prominent level. Exhaust senior quarterback Jamar Graham, in any case, embodies the exemplification of level among signal-guests, and he is grabbing the eye of scouts for the appropriate reasons.


Who is Jamar Graham?

Jamar Graham stands tall at a transcending 6 feet 8 inches, making him potentially the tallest quarterback in the whole country, no matter what the degree of play. This remarkable height attracts equals to the NFL record for the tallest quarterback, a differentiation imparted to previous 6-foot-8 transmission guest Dan McGwire, who graced the association for five seasons in the mid 1990s.

Graham’s allure reaches out past his impressive physical presence; he has exhibited his capacity to perform extraordinarily well on the football field. His breakout season came as a sophomore in 2021 when he filled in as the beginning quarterback for the imposing Cedar Woods group. During that season, he displayed his ability by tossing for 1,732 yards, recording 17 scores, and a simple four captures. His remarkable exhibition procured him a put on the Atlanta Diary Constitution All-Metro program. Besides, Graham drove his group, the 12-3 Holy people, to a Class 3A state title, accomplishing this accomplishment with a heavenly presentation of 352 yards and five scores.

Graham’s process went on as he moved to Exhaust before his lesser year, where he kept on sparkling. In the past season, he gathered 834 passing yards, scoring eight scores and only four captures across 10 games. Notwithstanding his singular achievement, Exhaust completed the season with a 4-7 record. In the ongoing year, Graham has raised his game higher than ever, accumulating 775 passing yards, five scores, and four block attempts while contributing three extra hurrying scores in only five games.

Given his great achievements and transcending height, Graham has normally accumulated huge consideration from scouts. He as of now holds a three-star select rating from On3 and has gotten offers from Division I projects like Alcorn State, Florida Atlantic, and UAB.

While Graham’s future position may not conclusively be quarterback at the university level, his blend of size and athletic ability without a doubt makes him a flexible possibility. His remarkable excursion has previously collected viral consideration, and it wouldn’t be astounding assuming mentors and scouts are advancing toward Exhaust to observe the 6-foot-8 sensation firsthand. As the season advances, and in the event that Graham proceeds to feature his remarkable abilities, he can expect a flood in offers from other intrigued groups with regards to the not so distant future.