Who Is James Anastasio From Staten Island NY? Fans Arrested In Assault Charges During Rangers Game


A fan from New York Rangers blindsided a fan from Tampa after a Game 5 Loss. The Internet is humming about the fan whose name is uncovered to be James Anastasio from Staten Island.

Tampa Lightning scored two times as of now, which fixed their triumph with 3-1 over the NY Rangers at Madison Square Garden. Tampa had the option to start to lead the pack of 3-2 on the scoreboard of the Eastern Conference last series.


The game was close among Tampa and New York Rangers as the two of them were in the score of 1-1 with one another, yet Tampa Bay’s players had the option to make the last two objectives simply under the most recent five minutes, which carried dissatisfaction to NY Ranger’s fans.

Who Is James Anastasio From Staten Island NY? James Anastasio is New York Rangers fan who confronted a disheartening misfortune after his group lost the game with Tampa. James was verbally contending with NY Rangers fan when their contention heightened, and the NY fan blindsided a Tampa fan.

After the punch, the Tampa fan was taken out and lethargic to individuals attempting to awaken him. Likewise, his aggressor serenely left towards the arena exit without a consideration in his psyche.

Similarly, an observer attempted to stop the aggressor, however he attacked the observer and moved towards presence. The entire fight was recorded on a cell phone, and the individual common the video on Twitter. The video has more than 1.5 million considers to be well.

In any case, he was recognized, and James was captured on Staten Island while he was currently at MSG. Cops captured the attacker yet denied the charges; consequently, he is still in fair treatment for his violations.

Attack Charges During Rangers Game, Is He In Jail? James was captured in Madison Square Garden and in this way was accused of attack by the police division, and he was arrested. Should the brief bail not be coordinated, then Anastasio will probably stay in the police prison for the end of the week.

Additionally, James had shown his repressed displeasure by punching the opponent group’s fan and taking him without a friend in the world. He was pursued and requested to come by different NY fans because of his attack towards

Additionally, the 29-year-old is arrested; the enthusiast of NY Rangers was answerable for two attacks where he has dodged the law however was gotten by the specialists inside MSG.