Who Is James Byrd Rogers and What is His Occupation?

James Byrd Rogers (born 1959) is a 64 years of age American man better known for being one of the two children of veteran television host and puppeteer Fred Rogers.

His dad was an honor winning television have and a puppeteer on the Mr Rogers’ Local show that circulated on PBS from 1968 to 2001. There is a frustratingly little measure of data about James Byrd anyplace on the web. Data about his marriage and children is likewise not accessible. Nonetheless, we have assembled a couple of things there is to be familiar with him.


James Byrd Rogers’ was Born in 1959 James Byrd Rogers was born into the group of Joanne and Fred Rogers in 1959. Insights regarding his date of birth have not been uncovered to people in general, nonetheless, he has a more youthful brother named John Rogers. His dad, Fred, is a famous television have, while his mom was a fruitful piano player.

His folks met at Rollins School and got hitched in 1952. Byrd Rogers’ family heritage didn’t begin with his dad however with his grandparents.

Summary of James Byrd Rogers’ Biography

  • Full Name: James Byrd Rogers
  • Nickname: Jim
  • Gender: male
  • Year of Birth: 1959
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Married
  • James Byrd Rogers’ Parents: Fred and Joanne Rogers
  • Siblings: John Rogers
  • James Byrd Rogers’ Net Worth: $1 million – $5 million
  • Famous for: Being the son of Fred Rogers

His granddad, James Hillis Rogers, was an extremely effective money manager. He was leader of the McFeely Block Organization, quite possibly of Latrobe’s biggest business.

His grandma, Nancy Rogers (née McFeely), helped American soldiers from Western Pennsylvania who were battling in Europe during WWII by sewing sweaters for them. She additionally made herself accessible to assist at the Latrobe Emergency clinic. At first keen on turning into a specialist, she, nonetheless, made due with an existence of medical clinic chipping in.

He was Brought up in a Christian Home James Byrd Rogers’ folks were both rehearsing Christians. His dad needed to plunge more into religion, so he procured an Unhitched male of Godliness endorsement magna cum laude from Pittsburgh Philosophical Theological school in 1962 and turned into an appointed pastor by the Pittsburgh Presbytery of the Unified Presbyterian Church in 1963. His plan as an appointed cleric was not to minister a congregation but rather to priest to youngsters and their families through TV.

He consistently showed up before chapel authorities to keep up with his appointment. Taking into account that Fred Roger was a minister, James probably been brought up in a Christian home. Be that as it may, we can’t determine whether he actually rehearses Christianity.

For what reason Did James Byrd Rogers Leave Hollywood? James Byrd Rogers revered his dad so much and needed nothing more except for to be like him.

He started this excursion by going to similar school as his dad – Rollins School. He, nonetheless, later understood that he needed to be his own self so he settled on a difficult choice to limit any association with his family and construct a lifelong external his dad’s triumphs.

Today, his choice to conflict with the account and be absolutely free has paid off as he has become fruitful and carrying on with his life uniquely in contrast to what many would have imagined.

He Had a Short Spell as an Entertainer Despite the fact that his dad was a family VIP, James’ profession as an entertainer was brief.

He showed up on his dad’s show – Mr Rogers’ Area – a few times yet just as a youngster and teen. In 1989, he highlighted in his dad’s show again close by his child, Alexander.

In 2018, he and his more youthful brother, John, were highlighted in a narrative about their dad named “Would You Be My Neighbor?”. The narrative recounted the tale of the adolescence of James’ dad. Fred went through a ton of profound promising and less promising times as a youngster. He carried a ton of things on himself, both restoratively and intellectually, and had a troublesome youth. Timid, contemplative, and overweight, he was every now and again homebound subsequent to enduring episodes of asthma.

He was harassed as a kid for his weight and called “Fat Freddy.” As per Morgan Neville, overseer of the narrative, Fred Rogers had a desolate youth.

He needed to enlist in the military however was unfit for military assistance following a Military actual mind October 12, 1950.

Regardless of the difficulties he confronted, he developed his vocation on an exhaustive form, stowing numerous situations from optional school up until exceptionally late in his profession.

He ran for leader of the understudy board, won it, and was confirmed as an individual from the Public Honor Society, and manager in-head of the school yearbook.

James’ Just Kin is Additionally Away From the Spotlight As youngsters, both James and John showed up in the early episodes of their dad’s show, yet James chose to ease off for some time.

In the interim, John held his consistent dedication to his father’s business, driving significant distances everyday just to return home.

In 2002, John, who was hitched at that point, made the news for every one of some unacceptable reasons as he was accounted for to have genuinely attacked his pregnant spouse, Mary. In 2018, John’s child was captured for mishandling hard medications. After the 2018 narrative about their dad, John enjoyed some time off from the spotlight and depended on carrying on with a calm life.

How Rich is James Byrd Rogers? Despite the fact that he isn’t a standard entertainer any longer, James Byrd Rogers actually holds about $4 million to $7 million in stocks and financiers, and thusly, we can say he is rich. It is fairly an unexpected that somebody who has tasted distinction eventually would do without every last bit of it for a day to day existence in lack of clarity.

He has no virtual entertainment appearance by any means – no authority Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account.

Neither James nor his brother is at the center of attention right now. We can recollect their dad for his commitment to the American media outlet.

James Byrd Rogers’ Dad was a Prestigious television Host Fred McFeely Rogers (born Walk 20, 1928; died February 27, 2003), famously known as “Mr Rogers”, was an unbelievable American TV have, creator, maker, and Presbyterian serve. He was the maker, chief, and host of the preschool TV series Mr Rogers’ Area, which ran from 1968 to 2001.

Rogers experienced childhood in a huge three-story block house at 737 Weldon Road in Latrobe. He had an encourage sister, Elaine, whom the Rogers family took on when he was 11 years of age. He spent a lot of his experience growing up alone, playing with manikins and with his granddad.

He started playing the piano when he was five. Rogers went to the nearby Latrobe Secondary School.