Who Is James Christopher Leaisure? Columbia SC Deputy Arrested For Stalking


James Christopher Leaisure, a previous delegate sheriff of Richland County, has been captured under the charges of following. He was accounted for by his significant other after she got various texts compromising her and her property security.

How about we get a more profound gander at this case. It is very peculiar that the individual who has been Deputy Sherrif ought to have been a good example resident to his local area, yet the wrongdoing that has been claimed against Jame shows something different. He has been blamed for compromising her life and wellbeing.


The police case is going, and further examination will deliver more realities to the overall people. Individuals of Richland district are focusing on this case in light of the inclusion of their previous agent.

Who Is James Christopher Leaisure And Why Is He Arrested? James has been accounted for to be a previous agent Sheriff of RCSD. He has been arrested after he compromised his significant other in regards to her security and abused the order given by his examination official.

He has been accounted for to have sent his mate numerous messages that were composed to attack her and hurt her vehicle. She revealed him to the police and the police made a move against him.

For the examination, the police requested him not to contact the supposed casualty; notwithstanding, he totally disposed of that request and kept on sending her message. After so much, individuals captured him and is right now set up for the Lexington County Detention Center.

According to the report distributed by Fox46, James has acknowledged the way that he sent messages to his significant other. Individuals should trust that the examination will end to know what discipline James will confront assuming the court views him to be entirelyliable.

James Christopher Family and Age – Is He On Facebook? There is restricted data accessible about his loved ones. It is realized that he is a hitched man, yet there has not been any conversation about his kid, so it is conceivable that he and his significant other have no children.

His age has been accounted for to be 28 years of age. There has not been any conversation about the reason for the contention among him and his significant other. It tends normal that the police will before long delivery the reason for the battle between the couple.

At this point, his Facebook account has not been found. It is conceivable that he is on Facebook, and soon his record will surface; in any case, there are many posts about him and his supposed wrongdoing via virtual entertainment.

The police have not delivered numerous multifaceted subtleties, and the authority record of the text soon. Be that as it may, more data can be anticipated soon as the case pushes ahead.