Who Is Jason Hedgepeth? Truck Accident In North Carolina


Jason Hedgepeth died in a Truck Accident in North Carolina during his excursion from Immokalee to the Bronx.

Jason Hedgepeth died in a heavy transport mishap on Interstate 95 in Selma. He died on Monday in a searing impact.


The driver was conveying a heap from Immokalee to the Bronx. Hedgepeth was working for Pak Auto Transporters.

Sadly, Jason ran into a trench and hit a few trees before his vehicle burst into flares.

Who is Jason Hedgepeth? Truck Accident In North Carolina Jason Hedgepeth was a transporter for Pak Auto Transporters. He died in a truck mishap in North Carolina.

The appalling mishap happened around 9: 45 am. The accident site was close to mile marker 98, north of Pine Level Selma.

He was going from Immokalee, Florida, to Bronx, New York. It was a long excursion, however he couldn’t tragically make it.

The specialists are examining the situation, and the reason for the mishap has not been known till now.

Jason Hedgepeth Crash Video: What Happened? Jason Hedgepeth’s accident occurrence was caught by a sky 5. The recording shows that his vehicle was scorched from within and had dissolved a few outside parts.

The tomatoes on the truck were poured out and about alongside many boxes and beds.

The observers share that the truck went off base a few hundred yards before it crashed.

The blazes because of the mishap were higher than the treetops, and the sound effect because of the impact was like a bomb.

Individuals went to the accident site after the destruction, however sadly, helping Jason was past the point of no return.

Jason Hedgepeth Wikipedia Biography Jason Hedgepeth doesn’t have a Wikipedia history. He had never been to the media spotlight before the new accident.

Jason couldn’t endure the deadly accident, and he died on the spot in May 2022.

Individuals are grieving the misfortune and recollecting that him via web-based entertainment stages. Sadly, his family has not made any announcements yet.

According to a Facebook client, The truck broke the light shaft and concrete obstruction, and it was dreadful. May Jason’s spirit find happiness in the hereafter.