Who Is Jason Hernandez Third Party With Whom He Cheated With On Moira Dela Torre?


Jason Hernandez admitted that his relationship with his better half had finished on the grounds that he was associated with an outsider. He declared his Facebook post.

The moving hashtag on Twitter today is Yes To Divorce. It results from the continuous news flowing about Jason Hernandez betraying his better half, Moira Dela Torre.


Who Is The Third Party In Jason Hernandez Relationship? Jason Hernandez concedes to isolating from his significant other of three years as a result of an outsider. Following three years of marriage, artist Moira Dela Torre and her significant other Jason have tapped out.

Jason said something on his Facebook page reporting that the pair were isolating. Nonetheless, he additionally added that their affection and regard for one another poor person changed, and they need protection in these troublesome times.

Both Jason and Moira offered the expression. Moira likewise shared it on her own Facebook page without an inscription. She has not verbally expressed a word after the declaration.

The vocalist likewise conceded that he had been faithless to his mate and didn’t have any desire to continue to carry on with tranquil yet unscrupulous life. In this way, he needed to be straightforward and fair with her.

He likewise said that his adoration for her had been veritable, and he shared about his tricking a couple of months prior. Furthermore, in April 2022, Dela Torre erased all photos and recordings of Jason from her Instagram and Tiktok accounts, igniting reports of their separation.

In any case, then again, seemed to deny the reports when she labeled Hernandez in an Instagram post. Since the disclosure has occurred, netizens accept they have been isolated since April, according to Manila Times.

Jason Hernandez Divorce Sparks Gay Rumor Jason Hernandez has declared that he is taking a separation from his significant other. He conceded that he undermined her during their marriage. Presently, it has ignited the bits of hearsay about him being gay.

Certain individuals on the web are discussing him enjoying men and most likely arranging an equivalent sex marriage. In any case, there is no substantial proof to demonstrate these cases.

Also, the media has not made sense of with whom he betrayed his better half. In this manner, the subtleties are kept hidden for the present.

Did Jason Hernandez Cheat On Moira With A Man? Maddened fans estimate that Jason Hernandez went behind Moira’s back with a man. While the vocalist conceded that he betrayed his better half, he didn’t uncover the accomplice he was having an additional a conjugal illicit relationship with.

He said that he wedded his dearest companion with the desire for enjoying the remainder of his existence with her, and he admitted his faithlessness. Notwithstanding, how subtleties are given out, similar to cases of his veritable love for her, may have made individuals imagine that he was infatuated with a man.