Who is Javid Dhankwala? Microsoft manager in Seattle denies Hamas war crimes

Microsoft administrator Javid Dhankwala questions detailed atrocities in Israel, starting interior backfire
Dhankwala, a Senior Programmer, has some expertise in Cortana and IoT improvement
He has insight at Microsoft, Novatel Remote, and as a Product Specialist

In the midst of rising pressures in the repercussions of the October seventh slaughter in Israel, Javid Dhankwala, a Microsoft supervisor situated in Seattle, offered dubious expressions denying detailed atrocities.


Dhankwala’s remarks, posted on Microsoft’s inner talking stage, excused cases of ladies being assaulted and youngsters butchered during the contention, crediting them to what he called “misleading and counterfeit publicity by the Israeli specialists.”

Who is Javid Dhankwala?

Javid Dhankwala is a Senior Programmer at Microsoft, with a residency of more than 10 years. His job includes working with a scrum-based coordinated group took part in the innovative work of cutting edge items, including Cortana and Web of Things (IoT). He has been a lead designer on Cortana Gadgets, managing the Cortana SDK for Linux, Windows, and Windows IoT Center stages.

Before his ongoing position, Dhankwala filled in as a Product Staff Specialist at Novatel Remote in San Diego, where he partook in plan, improvement, and upgrade projects for portable broadband remote gadgets, including MiFi.

His expert process likewise incorporates jobs as a Developer Examiner at Datamatics America Inc., where he gave quality confirmation administrations to Cubic Transportation Frameworks, USA, and as a Product Specialist, adding to the turn of events and sending of programming answers for top innovation organizations in Mechanized Charge Assortment (AFC) and Retail location (POS) frameworks.

Javid Dhankwala’s instructive foundation incorporates a Single man of Designing (B.E.) in Gadgets from the College of Mumbai, where he protected First Position with Unique excellence.