Who Is Jeffery Stepien? Old City Police Officer Charges With Samantha Maag Murder


Specialists got a grievance of a burglary in the works at the Chestnut Street building. Witnesses let officials know that a person had quite recently attacked a lady on the eighth level when they showed up.

As per police, Samantha Maag was beaten by Jeffrey Stepien somewhere multiple times in the head while situated in a meeting room with her back turned. Jeffrey is presently in detainment, however his jail sentence still can’t seem not set in stone. Since this case was as of late finished up, there isn’t a lot of new data.


Who Is Jeffery Stepien? Jeffrey Stepien is a 48-years of age man who is blamed for killing 31-years of age Samantha Maag. He was blamed for homicide after supposedly choking a lady inside an Old City place of business.

His old neighborhood is Philadelphia; be that as it may, nothing is had some significant awareness of his own life. Stepien was supposed to lease office space where Maag was the structure’s group head. As per the officials, they seem to know one another.

Insights regarding Jeffery’s family and spouse presently can’t seem to be distributed. Is Jeffery Stepien Arrested? Old City Police Officer Charges With Samantha Maag Murder Jeffery Stepien was captured after Samantha Maag was lethally assaulted in an eighth-floor suite when she was gotten from behind at a front work area by a secretary.

He is blamed for hitting Maag in the head something like multiple times, bringing about serious head wounds. As indicated by Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector, north of Twenty emergency calls were made in the consequence of the occurrence.

Maag was taken to Jefferson Hospital and announced dead soon after. As police sought after Stepien as he left a lift, he was captured. He was doused in blood and used two lines, which examiners guarantee were utilized in the assault.

As indicated by specialists, different observers at the scene decidedly perceived Stepien as the attacker. Witnesses depicted Maag as the structure’s group head.

The inspiration for the ruthless assault is as yet unclear, despite the fact that specialists accept the person in question and presume may have had a past conflict. As indicated by the officials, they know about each other, and there might have been a few conflicts or clashes before.