Who is Jen Psaki’s Daughter Genevieve Mecher and How Old is She?

Genevieve Mecher (born July 2015; Age: 7 years of age) is a noticeable media character who came into the spotlight for being the little girl of Jen Psaki, a CNN benefactor and a previous VP for Correspondence and Technique in the US. All the more in this way, Genevieve likewise acquired ubiquity as a little child who slithered to meet previous US president, Barack Obama.

Obama, thusly, got kneeling down to get the lovable youngster. The entire second was caught in a photograph taken in the Oval Office – bringing Genevieve moment notoriety.


How Old is Genevieve Mecher Now? Genevieve Vivi Mecher is 7 years of age. She was born in Washington D.C, in July 2015 in spite of the fact that her precise day of birth hasn’t been uncovered at this point. In the interim, her folks are Gregory Mecher (father) and Jen Psaki (mother). Her mom and father are both exceptionally famous political figures.

Summary of Genevieve Mecher’s Biography

  • Full name: Genevieve Vivi Grace
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: July 2015
  • Genevieve Mecher’s Age: 7 years old
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Genevieve Mecher’s Parents: Gregory Mecher, and Jen Psaki
  • Grandparents: Eileen D. Medley, James R. Psaki
  • Siblings: Matthew Mecher
  • Genevieve Mecher’s Height in Inches: 4 feet 5 inches
  • Genevieve Mecher’s Height in Centimetres: 162 centimeters
  • Genevieve Mecher’s Weight: 34 kg
  • Eye Color: Dark-brown
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Famous for: Daughter of Jen Psaki

Her mom, Jen, is a CNN supporter and the previous VP for Correspondence and Methodology in the US. While her father, Gregory Mecher filled in as head of staff for Senator Steve Driehaus of Ohio and furthermore act as head of staff for Rep. Joe Kennedy III of Massachusetts. Moreover, Genevieve holds the American identity and is a Christian from the white nationality.

All the more in this way, she has Greek and Clean heritage. Be that as it may, her zodiac sign is obscure because of her inaccurate date of birth.

Moreover, Genevieve is the granddaughter of Eileen D. Mixture (grandma) and James R. Psaki (granddad). With respect to her schooling, she is likely concentrating on in an elementary school, however her folks haven’t uncovered the name of her everyday schedule insights concerning her instructive foundation.

Does Genevieve Mecher Have kin? Genevieve’s folks Gregory and Jen, beside herself, are likewise guardians to another kid, a kid named Matthew Mecher.

He was born on April 23, 2019, subsequently, he is 4 years of age. Notwithstanding, Jen is totally defensive of her child’s security, and as such much Data can’t be given about him.

When Did Genevieve Mecher Meet President Obama? Genevieve Mecher and previous US President Sleeping enclosure Obama met in his oval office when her mom, Jen was filling in as the VP for Correspondence and System in 2016 under the Obama’s organization. Jen brought Genevieve who was as yet a little child to the white house, which was her work environment.

In the mean time, President Obama viewed as her charming and chose to require a couple of moments off his valuable opportunity to play with the youthful Genevieve. A charming image of Obama creeping close by Genevieve was taken and posted via online entertainment, which therefore put her on the map.

Are Genevieve Mecher’s Folks, Gregory Mecher Jen Psaki Still Together? Genevieve Mecher’s folks, Gregory Mecher and Jen Psaki are as yet hitched.

As per reports, the couple engaged with one another in light of the fact that they shared a typical interest in governmental issues.

Moreover., Gregory initially met Jen in 2006 when they were both working for the Popularity based Legislative Mission Board of trustees.

A few reports, later on, guaranteed that Gregory previously succumbed to his future spouse, Jen after she gave him some unacceptable bearings via telephone to a significant political occasion in 2006. In any case, rather than flying off the handle over the falsehood, Greg immediately pardoned Jen in light of the fact that he thought that she is alluring.

Then, at that point, he took her out on the town and the couple began a heartfelt undertaking. Moreover, the darlings secured the bunch subsequent to dating for quite some time, on 8 May 2010 exactly. The wedding was held at the Woodlawn Ranch in Edge, Maryland, with companions, family, and close partners in participation, a Protestant pastor directed the wedding service.

After north of five years of marriage, the pair at last invited their most memorable kid, Genevieve, in July 2015

Then, their subsequent issue, a child kid named Matthew was born four years after the fact on April 23, 2019.

Quick forward to this second, Genevieve’s folks, Gregory Mecher and Jen Psaki have been hitched for north of 12 years with no announced contentions, separation, or instances of treachery.

What is Genevieve Mecher’s Total assets? Genevieve Mecher as of late timed 7 years of age. Thus, she is still excessively youthful to make money and therefore a total assets. Be that as it may, her dad and mom are compelling individuals who acquire significant sums in their particular vocations. Along these lines, Genevieve is as yet subject to her affluent parent at this point.

Where Could Genevieve Mecher Currently be? Genevieve Mecher is right now living with her family in Virginia subsequent to moving from Washington, D.C.

Yet, this was after her mom left her political arrangement. In 2013, her parent, Gregory, and Jen bought a three-room condo near Georgetown College for about $865,000.

They lived there for more than five years prior to migrating to Virginia. A dependable source uncovered that her parent sold the costly condo in Walk 2019 for a revealed $919,000.

Genevieve Mecher and her Family live in a Manor Property records revealed that Jen and Gregory bought their single-family home, which was worked back in 2018, for a detailed $1.638 million.

The house has 5.5 restrooms, six rooms, and more than 4,200 square feet of residing space. On the whole, Genevieve is in capable hands by a well off and persuasive family at present living in Virginia. All the more in this way, she is solid and has not been accounted for to have any serious medical problems or complexities.

Moreover, her folks are still attached and with next to no conjugal questions up to this point. By all signs, the youthful American sensation is as yet tutoring and is yet to launch her profession.

Is Genevieve Mecher via Virtual Entertainment? Genevieve is right now not accessible via virtual entertainment. The youthful American has not arrived at the age to participate in virtual entertainment exercises. In any case, we will monitor her advancement and update this part, should Genevieve set up her online entertainment account.