Who Is Jeremy Jacob Rocha, 20? Man Arrested For Shooting Fire Chief


Comparable to a shooting on Interstate 70 that brought about the passing of an associate fire boss, a 20-year-old male was arrested on Thursday.

the episode on Interstate 70 last Saturday killed John Jaros, collaborator head of the Glen Haven Area Volunteer Fire Department.


Almost immediately Thursday, Jeremy Jacob Rocha, 20, was confined in Commerce City on doubt of first-degree murder and four counts of endeavored first-degree murder.

Who Is Jeremy Jacob Rocha-Man Arrested For Shooting Fire Chief Almost immediately Thursday morning, police in Commerce City confined 20-year-old Jeremy Jacob Rocha. Prior to making the capture, examiners found various observers, involved vehicles, assembled proof, and led various meetings. Notwithstanding four counts of endeavored first-degree murder, Rocha is accused of first-degree murder.

Shots discharged into their truck by conceivable road racers made a male driver die before his significant other and three kids.

CBS4 is educated by the family The casualty regarding the shooting was John Jaros, 37. He was the Assistant Chief of the Glen Haven Area Volunteer Fire Department and dwelled in Estes Park.

At the point when the episode occurred, he and his family were getting back home from a setting up camp outing, as indicated by his dad.

Jeremy Jacob Rocha Mugshots And Jail Sentence As per the Aurora Police Department, Jeremy Jacob Rocha is being kept on doubt of four counts of first-degree endeavored murder and one instance of first-degree murder.

In the wake of talking with witnesses, specialists named Rocha as a suspect. The suspects might have been taken part in road dashing while the shooting happened, as per Aurora police, who recently said they were searching for individuals driving a white car and a dark vehicle.

Prior to making the capture, examiners talked with various observers, as per Aurora police on Thursday. Twitter Reacts To Shooting Of Fire Cheif By Jeremy Jacob Rocha Recently, Chief Kevin Zagorda of the Glen Haven Area Volunteer Fire Department expressed that the passing of a dad, spouse, and the associate fire boss was being examined.

At a public interview booked for Thursday at 1, Aurora police intend to discuss the capture. Both the Aurora Reward Fund and Metro Denver Crime Stoppers were giving out remunerations for data that brought about a capture and a fruitful shooting indictment.

The Bank of Estes Park has laid out an asset to help his loved ones. The Jaros Family Fund Donation Account is where gifts for the family can be sent or gotten face to face.