Who Is Jill Altman Russo? Pequannock Accident Victim And Tribute On Social Media


A 18-year-old quick in and out driver was confined in the wake of striking and severely harming a walker in a Morris County crosswalk. The passerby is viewed as Jill Altman Russo from Wharton.

Realize Who Is Jill Altman Russo? Jill Altman Russo is the survivor of the quick in and out driving case. After a mishap, he was gravely harmed and was raced to the emergency clinic.


He was taken to the clinic not long after the mishap at 10:30 p.m. on Sunday, May 29, close to the convergence of South Main and Saint Mary’s roads in Wharton, as per DailyVoice.com.

As indicated by Wharton Police, Alexander Rodriguez was recognized as the driver.

Rodriguez was captured on charges of imprudent driving, leaving the location of a mishap, neglecting to report a mishap, and intentionally leaving the location of a serious substantial mischief mishap on Tuesday, June 7.

Pequannock Accident Victim And Tribute The casualty Jill Altman Ruso was a walker and got mishap because of imprudent driving by a kid. Indeed, even after a mishap, he was not raced to the medical clinic by a kid. All things considered, he drove away.

Despite the fact that Jill was strolling on his way, he needed to endure. Be that as it may, we have no affirmed news about his condition at the present time. Be that as it may, it is by all accounts intense, and on the off chance that something happens to him, the kid will be severely rebuffed.

Since Hit and run cases are expanding day to day, it has become very hazardous for people to stroll out and about. Additionally, the youths who have recently begun driving know nothing about every one of these, and such cases might repeat over and over.

Guilty party Alexander Rodriguez Was Arrested As per police, Alexander Rodriguez, of Mine Hill, was in the driver’s seat of the Nissan SUV that struck the person in question and escaped, as per a subsequent examination and examination of safety film delivered on Wednesday, June 8.

For running away from the location of a mishap in nearby Wharton, a 18-year-old neighborhood fellow was accused of thoughtless driving, among different offenses.

The Morris County Correctional Facility was where he was being confined.

As he is presently in police care, what will be the following stage by the police will rely upon Jill’s condition.