Who is Jim Henderson? British Army veteran beaten up and robbed by anti-Israel protesters in Edinburgh, Scotland

English Armed force veteran Jim Henderson was supposedly attacked at a favorable to Palestinian meeting in Edinburgh while getting together his slow down
The 78-year-old, supported by rail route laborers, left the scene
The occurrence is being scrutinized, stressing the requirement for further developed wellbeing measures during fights

78-year-old Jim Henderson, a previous English Armed force veteran was attacked at Waverley Station in Edinburgh, Scotland, as a tranquil supportive of Palestinian convention turned terrible. As per observer accounts, Henderson, who was currently destroying his poppy-selling slow down, was violently gone after by a gathering of people in the midst of the tumultuous show on Saturday.


In the midst of the ocean of reciting protestors, Henderson described the frightening second when he was struck from behind as he bowed down to get together his effects. “And afterward I got one more punch in my side,” he regretted, reviewing the troubling new development. Notwithstanding the troubling experience, Henderson had the option to recover his balance, helped by three humane ladies in rail route laborers’ regalia, who quickly assisted him with exploring right out of the wild scene at the station.

Who is Jim Henderson?

Jim Henderson, a veteran of the English Armed force, has a striking history of administration, having committed his endeavors to the Illustrious Corps of Signs, 32 Sign Regiment during the disturbed seasons of the Northern Ireland struggle. His obligation to support proceeded with even in his later years, as he tracked down reason in chipping in for Poppyscotland, a regarded foundation association committed to supporting veterans and their families.

A representative for Poppyscotland highlighted the association’s profound worry for the security and prosperity of their workers, stressing that while they regarded the option to dissent, guaranteeing the wellbeing of their devoted workers stayed a first concern. The representative affirmed that Henderson had been chipping in for the association at the hour of the upsetting episode at Waverley Station.

Because of the upsetting attack, English Vehicle Police (BTP) Colleague Boss Constable Sean O’Callaghan guaranteed the public that the specialists were effectively examining the detailed attack at Edinburgh Waverley Station on the portentous Saturday. BTP has been teaming up intimately with ScotRail to assemble data and direct an intensive examination concerning the upsetting occurrence.

The episode has ignited a bigger discussion about the wellbeing of people engaged with political exhibitions, revealing insight into the requirement for more prominent cautiousness and security for those unintentionally trapped in the crossfire of energetic fights.