Who Is Jody Willier? Find Out Where Corey Wieneke’s Fiance Is Now


Dateline honored Corey Wieneke by posting a clasp from season 28 episode 16, named ‘The Black Candle Confession.’ Learn top to bottom about Corey’s case in this article underneath.

It recounts the tale of Corey Lee Wieneke’s long-running and frightening homicide case.


Wieneke was found walloped to death in his West Liberty home on October 13, 1992, with a polished ash.

Dateline: Where Is Corey Wieneke’s Fiance Jody Willer Now?
Starting around 2022, Jody Willer’s whereabouts are right now inaccessible on the web.

On October 13, 1992, Jody found Cory “all dying, not breathing, and cold” when she got back after working all day on that portentous Tuesday.

He should be in the bar yet attributable to lethal obtuse power injury to the body, Corey was laying on the floor of the couple’s common room.

His demise was found on a blood-absorbed floor his chamber when the heros showed up at his home. Corey died due to unpleasant pressure and beating.

Jody said she was working when they asked where she was. Subsequent to getting a vindication from her work environment, she was precluded as a suspect.

Corey Wieneke, Jody Willier’s sweetheart, was “loads of enjoyable to associate with,” she said in March 2019. She said that she knew that he was seeing different ladies, yet that she actually revered him.

Corey Wieneke Murder Case Update Corey Wieneke was fiercely killed and over 25 years after the fact, Annette Cahill was sentenced liable for second-degree murder.

A jury of nine ladies and three men started consultations following six days of hearing declaration and contentions in court to find Cahill, presently 56, at real fault for his homicide.

In May of 2018, Cahill was captured and accused of first-degree murder. As indicated by the indictment, drove by Muscatine County Attorney Alan Ostergren, Cahill, 29, and Wieneke, 22, had an adoration and personal connection for about a year prior to Wieneke’s demise.

Before the jury, Scott Payne, a man who knew Cahill in 1992 and said that he saw her consume “blood-stained” objects in a fire barrel at the home where she was staying, affirmed.

Corey Wieneke Wikipedia and Death Cause Starting around 2022, the Corey Wieneke murder case isn’t accessible on the authority site of Wikipedia. Nonetheless, the homicide case was moving in the media all at once.

Heros found Corey Wieneke’s body on a blood-splattered floor of his room after he was pounded into the ground. Wieneke’s life partner, Jody Hotz, called 911 on October 13, 1992, to report his demise.

His passing was found on a blood-absorbed floor his chamber when the heros showed up at his home. Wieneke died due to cruel pressure and beating in light of a solitary impression.

The police previously thought burglary or a house intrusion, yet these potential outcomes were quickly hidden.

One of the various correspondents saw a bloodied aluminum slugger on the close by parkway, which ended up being a deadly weapon. Through their request, the specialists had the option to find Annette Cahill.