Who is Jon Minadeo II? Goyim Defense League founder sentenced to jail for anti-semitic flyers

Jon Minadeo II, organizer behind the Goyim Guard Association, got a 30-day prison sentence for circulating enemy of Semitic flyers
The case incited the presentation of another bill, HB 269, characterizing the spread of disdainful materials as a crime
Minadeo is known for advancing racial oppressor belief systems through GoyimTV

Jon Minadeo II, the organizer behind the Goyim Guard Association (GDL), a famous racist disdain bunch, confronted lawful repercussions this week as he was condemned to 30 days in prison for conveying hostile to Jewish writing in Palm Ocean side Province. The condemning marked a vital second in the continuous fight against disdain discourse and radicalism, featuring the requirement for severe measures to control the scattering of derisive belief systems in networks.


Minadeo’s contribution in engendering neo-Nazi publicity and advancing enemy of Semitic paranoid fears has for quite some time been a reason to worry. The flyers, disseminated by Minadeo and two others from a truck in West Palm Ocean side, were viewed as disregarding littering regulations, bringing about the charges brought against him.

The case shed light on the difficulties looked by policing combatting disdain gatherings and people embracing fanatic convictions. The deficiency of existing regulation to address the seriousness of such offenses prompted the presentation of another bill, HB 269, supported by Rep. Mike Caruso. This bill currently characterizes the circulation of derisive materials as a crime, giving policing powers to arraign people taking part in such exercises.

Who is Jon Eugene Minadeo II?

Jon Eugene Minadeo II, born in 1983 and furthermore known by the pseudonym “Attractive Truth,” has a background marked by advancing racial oppressor belief systems and spreading scornful content through different web-based stages, including GoyimTV. His initiative of the GDL has been a wellspring of worry for specialists, mirroring the steady danger presented by coordinated disdain bunches in contemporary society.

In spite of the condemning, the case fills in as an unmistakable sign of the continuous difficulties in battling disdain driven stories and the significance of proceeded with endeavors to advance resistance and battle the spread of fanatic belief systems in networks. It highlights the requirement for a unified front in addressing the main drivers of contempt and segregation to encourage a more comprehensive and amicable society.