Who is Judge Clifton Newman? All about the judge in Alex Murdaugh case as he is hailed for his professionalism

A day after Alex Murdaugh, the shamed South Carolina lawyer, was tracked down blameworthy in the killings of his child, Paul, and his better half, Maggie, Judge Clifton Newman condemned him to two life sentences without the chance of parole.

In practically no time under the watchful eye of declaring the sentence, Judge Clifton Newman, 71, who has filled in as the at-large judge of the South Carolina Circuit Court for over twenty years, tended to Murdaugh. In a reasonable discourse, Newman told the suspect that he had no question Murdaugh would be tormented by the spirits of the departed until the end of his life.


Different reports considered Newman’s location in the condemning hearing to be profoundly powerful, and a few group praised the adjudicator for his etiquette during the six-drawn out procedures.

According to the BBC, Clifton Newman, who was born in Kingstree, South Carolina, in 1951, moved on from graduate school at Cleveland State College prior to getting back to South Carolina to open up his own confidential guard law office. He then, at that point, proceeded to function as a province examiner prior to being chosen as an adjudicator in 2000 by the South Carolina General Gathering. Newman was reappointed in 2021 and is scheduled to resign in 2027.

Subsequent to serving in the legal framework for a really long time, judge Clifton Newman has gotten esteem for his direct during the Murduagh murder preliminary.

During the condemning hearing, in a controlled discourse, Judge Clifton Newman told Alex Murdaugh he needed to have a picture of Murdaugh’s granddad eliminated from the town hall to guarantee a fair preliminary that he viewed as “quite possibly of the most over the top upsetting case” for him as an adjudicator.

“You have a spouse who has been killed, killed. A child who has been brutally killed. A legal counselor, an individual from a regarded family who has controlled equity locally for more than a long time, an individual whose granddad’s picture hangs at the rear of the town hall that I needed to have eliminated to guarantee that a fair preliminary was had by both the state and the protection.”

Alex Murdaugh, who filled in as an individual injury lawyer until he was disbarred for taking from his clients and legitimate accomplices, has a place with an unmistakable family in South Carolina where something like three ages of Murdaugh men specialized in legal matters and employed critical power locally.

As the adjudicator kept on speaking, Alex Murdaugh momentarily hindered and declared his honesty, provoking the appointed authority to say it could have been the beast in the pains of narcotic dependence that killed his loved ones.

” It probably won’t have been you. It could have been the beast that you become when you take 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 narcotic pills. Perhaps you become someone else. I have seen that previously. The individual remaining before me was not the individual who carried out the wrongdoing, however it is a similar person.”

The appointed authority likewise referenced the proceeded with lies told by Murdaugh over the span of the examination, remembering his whereabouts for the evening of the homicide.

Not long after the condemning, Alex Murdaugh was accompanied out by the South Carolina prison guards to be moved to a detainment office in Columbia, where he will be assessed for a considerable length of time prior to being relegated a super durable jail home.