Who Is Judge Jeffrey Cashe From Louisiana And Why Did He Support Abuser John Barnes?


As an adjudicator for the Division “J” Family Court, Judge Jeffrey Charles Cashe joined the 21st Judicial District Court in January 2015. Figure out more about him.

Under the watchful eye of getting his regulation degree from St. Mary’s School of Law in San Antonio, Texas, Judge Cashe went to Louisiana State University and Southeastern Louisiana University.


He began his legitimate profession in San Antonio with the Baucum Steed Barker, LLC organization. Upon his re-visitation of Louisiana in 2004, Judge Cashe joined the firm of Cashe, Lewis, Coudrain, and Sandage, which his late dad, Rodney Cashe, had laid out.

Who Is Judge Jeffrey Cashe From Louisiana? Judge Jeffrey Cashe delivered the contentious decision. He was named an appointed authority for the Division “J” Family Court in January 2015, as per the 21st Judicial District Court.

Cashe purportedly acquired his college degree from Southeastern Louisiana University prior to selecting at St. Mary’s University School of Law to acquire his regulation degree.

He started specializing in legal matters in San Antonio at Baucum Steed Barker, LLC. He later joined the organization Cashe, Lewis, Coudrain, and Sandage, laid out by his late dad, Rodney Cashe.

As indicated by a rundown of his expert affiliations, he is the President of the 21st JDC Bar Association, a Board Member and Former Pro Bono Advisor to the Richard Murphy Hospice Foundation, a Board Member of the Hammond Downtown Development District and Chamber of Commerce, and a previous Board Member of the Home Mortgage Authority.

Is Jeffrey Cashe A Democrat or Republican? Jeffrey Cashe hasn’t expressed on the off chance that he is a liberal or a conservative; consequently, we don’t have any idea. He serves on the sheets of a few associations, including the Richard Murphy Hospice Foundation, the Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Development District of Hammond, and the Home Mortgage Authority. He is additionally the President of the 21st JDC Bar Association.

Many individuals are irate and dampened by Cashe’s most recent choice. As indicated by Stacie Triche of the philanthropic association Save Lives, she has supposedly been compelled to pay her culprit. The last option likewise expressed, “When I figured out she was an assault casualty, and this attacker might actually get full care, that is the point at which I stepped in and said something must be finished about this, compelled to surrender guardianship of the youngster born because of the assault and pay legitimate expenses for her attacker. It is outlandish.

For what reason Did Jeffrey Cashe Support Rapist John Barnes? As per a report, an appointed authority in Louisiana conceded care of the kid born because of the supposed assault in 2005 to the thought wrongdoer and later arranged the person in question, who was youthful, to pay kid support.

At the point when a man almost two times her age elected to drive her home from a close by eatery following a night out with companions, Crysta Abelseth, then 16, guaranteed to WBRZ that she was assaulted.

About John Barnes, who was 30 years of age at that point, Abelseth remarked, “Rather than bringing me home, he carried me to his home.” “When inside, he disregarded me on the love seat in his family room.”

As indicated by the station, the juvenile became pregnant and brought forth a girl who is at present a youngster.

Subsequent to discovering that the Louisiana legal time limit applied, Abelseth accused Barnes of assault in 2015, as per the station. As per the station, the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office was all the while examining the issue, and no charges had been brought.

The now-32-year-old guaranteed she has found it trying to work with the general set of laws and cases to have lost care of her girl because of cases that she gave her a cell phone. As per the article, court archives connected with the case were strangely fixed.