Who is Julia Keys, Richard Keys’ ex-wife?

Richard Keys weds girl’s companion in the wake of leaving spouse, Julia Keys
Julia Keys seeks legal separation because of spouse’s infidelity following 34 years of marriage
Julia Keys fights disease and offers profound effect of spouse’s undertaking in book

Richard Keys, the previous Sky Sports moderator marry his girl’s dearest companion, legal counselor Lucie Rose, on Saturday, in the wake of leaving his significant other for her. This occasion has caused to notice Julia Keys, Richard’s ex, who sought legal separation on grounds of infidelity. This is the very thing that you really want to be familiar with Julia Keys.


Who is Julia Keys?

Julia Keys is the ex of Richard Keys, the shamed previous Sky Sports moderator, whom she separated in 2016 because of his infidelity. Julia, 62, is a psychotherapist and was hitched to Richard for a considerable length of time. They have two youngsters together, Jemma and Joshua. Julia has been doing combating thyroid disease and went through a medical procedure for a growth in her neck in 2009.

In 2011, Richard Keys was terminated from his £500,000-a-year work at Sky Sports in the wake of making hostile behind closed doors remarks about Head Association official Sian Massey-Ellis. Following his excusal, the couple migrated to Doha, Qatar, expecting a new beginning. Notwithstanding, doubts emerged when Julia found a dubious message on Richard’s telephone, persuading her to think he was engaging in extramarital relations.

Julia turned out to be progressively watchful, looking for proof of the undertaking. At a party, Lucie Rose, her little girl’s companion, addressed Julia in an energized way, raising doubts about their relationship. In the end, in September 2016, Julia Keys sought legal separation on grounds of infidelity, feeling that Richard had depleted his potentials for success subsequent to having by him during his terminating from Sky Sports.

In her book, The MANScript, distributed in April 2018, Julia genuinely talked about the overwhelming effect of Richard’s undertaking on their loved ones. Two years after the separation, Richard at long last confessed to his betrayal and recognized the harm it caused. Julia’s book, co-composed with her companion Jacqui Coles, illustrated indications of disloyalty, like changes in conduct, expanded preparing, and mystery in regards to calls and messages.

Richard Keys keeps on living in Doha, where he functions as a frontman for BeIN Sports’ football inclusion close by his previous Sky Sports partner Andy Dark. In the interim, Julia Keys centers around her vocation as a psychotherapist and proceeds with her fight against thyroid malignant growth. In spite of the turbulent finish to her long marriage, Julia stays strong and has shared her story to bring issues to light about the close to home results of disloyalty.

Generally, Julia Keys’ life has been molded by her union with Richard Keys, their ensuing separation because of his undertaking, and her continuous battle against disease. Her experience fills in as a sign of the difficulties looked by the people who wind up sold out and the strength expected to remake their lives