Who is Justin Ryan Simpson? All About O.J. Simpson’s Youngest Son

Justin Ryan Simpson is an American VIP kid and a land master otherwise called the child of O. J. Simpson and his late spouse Nicole Brown.

Justin, the most youthful of O. J’s kids, was up front stage during the homicide preliminary of his dad who was accused of killing his mom.


The preliminary is perhaps of the most advanced legitimate preliminary in American history, hence drawing in a degree of public interest to him.

Justin and his kin without a doubt confronted a ton of injury with what they encountered at that point.

While O.J. Simpson was later vindicated of all charges and will constantly be a famous figure, his child has decided to carry on with an extremely peaceful life away from media consideration.

Justin Ryan Simpson Biography and Profile

  • Full Name: Justin Ryan Simpson
  • Date of Birth: 6th August 1988
  • Age: 34 years old
  • Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Parents: Late Nicole Brown Simpson (mother), Orenthal James Simpson (father)
  • Siblings: Arnelle Simpson (half-sister), late Aaren Simpson (half-sister), Jason Simpson (half-brother), Sydney Brooke Simpson (sister)
  • Education: Gulliver Preparatory School, Florida State University
  • Occupation: Real Estate Agent
  • Marital Status: Unknown

Meet Justin Ryan Simpson’s Family Members

Orenthal James Simpson

  • Relationship To Justin: Father

Nicole Brown Simpson

  • Relationship To Justin: Mother

Arnelle Simpson

  • Relationship To Justin: Half-Sister

Jason Simpson

  • Relationship To Justin: Half-Brother

Sydney Simpson

  • Relationship To Justin: Sister

Justin Ryan Simpson was Born and Brought Up in California Justin Simpson was born on August 6, 1988, to Orenthal James Simpson and Nicole Earthy colored Simpson in Los Angeles, California. He spent an extraordinary piece of his young life in the city. He is of blended nationality being born to an African-American dad and Caucasian mother.

Justin Ryan Simpson’s Schooling With respect to training, Justin went to Gulliver Private academy in Pinecrest, Florida, after he graduated center school.

He went to similar secondary school as his dad. After he finished his secondary school training, he proceeded to learn at Florida State College somewhere in the range of 2006 and 2010.

He graduated with a degree in Pioneering and Little Course Tasks. The school long periods of the young fellow were most likely more testing than they could somehow have been on the grounds that his dad was confronting one more preliminary around then.

Regardless of the difficult circumstance, Justin buckled sufficiently down and graduated with grades that were adequate to send off him into his ideal vocation.

Justin Ryan Simpson Highlighted Vigorously in The News as a Kid Because of His Mom’s Demise At age five, when Justin knew barely anything, he lost his mom to the virus hands of death.

The appalling episode occurred on the twelfth of June 1994. Nicole Brown and her companion, Ron Goldman, were cut to death before their apartment suite in Los Angeles. Justin and his more seasoned sister Sydney were both resting when it worked out. Following the demise of his ex, O. J. Simpson was attempted as the essential suspect of the case.

He was charged after the examiners tracked down gloves with bloodstains on his property. In view of the doubt raised by the blood-stained gloves, he was approached to hand himself over, however he attempted to get away from in his 1993 Portage Horse SUV. This caused individuals to turn out to be considerably more dubious of him.

While the preliminary was progressing, Justin and his sister were set under the guardianship of their grandparents, Juditha and Louis Brown.

In 1995, their dad was vindicated with the assistance of his high-profile guard group that included Johnnie Cochran, Robert Shapiro, Shawn Holley, Alan Dershowitz, Robert Kardashian, and F. Lee Bailey. Regardless of his delivery, a great many people actually think he completed the demonstration, particularly on the grounds that he and Nicole didn’t have the best of connections.

In a different common suit, Justin’s dad was requested to pay $35 million to the Brown and Goldman families as pay.


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After he was absolved, the sportscaster requested care of Justin and his kin, yet his previous parents in law denied. Afterward, in 1996, the kids got back to their dad, following the request for an adjudicator. It gave the idea that the kids liked to remain with their dad no matter what, and they feel more open to living with him.

Their auntie, Tanya, who helped in dealing with the children while their dad was confronting preliminary, had referenced that it was the children who experienced the most the whole episode and they found it challenging to continue on. Nonetheless, since they proceeded to remain with their father, they had all the earmarks of being adapting fine and dandy.

Tanya expressed that the children will continuously adore their father and that they don’t examine their mom’s passing with other relatives.

Justin is Chasing after a Lifelong in Land In the wake of moving on from the college, he began his vocation in the land business – Muffley and Partners Land, where he functioned as a Land Deals Proficient from Walk 2013 to October 2015. Following two years and eight months of working for the organization, he continued on toward work with Coldwell Financier Private Land in Florida.

He was there for an additional two years and eight months, from November 2015 to June 2018, preceding establishing his own land office, Bolder Property The executives.

Justin Ryan Simpson as of now works with DHM Land Gathering in St. Petersburg, Florida, where he is responsible for the Land Deals.

As per his LinkedIn profile, he has north of eight years of working experience as a real estate professional, having some expertise in posting, short deals, and first-time homebuyers.

Justin has served in different regions like Sound Pines, Clearwater, Indian Rocks Ocean side, Largo, Pinellas Park, and St. Petersburg.

Very much like his sister, Sydney, and his late mother, Justin’s advantage in land is by all accounts a family thing. He lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, and possesses the property where he resides.

What’s more, Justin has gained a few different resources with which he is supposed to be worth around $250,000.

Because of the issues encompassing his dad and his own speculations, it is challenging to determine precisely the amount of his dad’s bequest is because of him by legacy.

Does Justin Simpson Have a Spouse or Sweetheart? Due to the position of safety life Justin and his kin have decided to live, one can’t determine what precisely is happening in their confidential lives. Despite the fact that their aunt once referenced in a meeting with RadarOnline that he and his sister were seeing someone, is difficult to tell regardless of whether they are still seeing someone. Since the meeting occurred in 2019, a ton would have changed from that point forward. Likewise, the VIP kid has not reported anyone as his better half or sweetheart.

Orenthal James Simpson is a previous NFL football player, entertainer, and telecaster. He was born on the ninth of July 1947 and given the name Orenthal by his aunt.

She was said to have named him after her number one French entertainer. Of every one of his occupations, he is most conspicuous as a football player.

O. J. Simpson began his profession in football back in school. He played for the USC group while he was at the College of Southern California and won the Heisman Prize in 1968.

He battled at first with his football vocation after school, however ultimately set a standard in 1973 as the primary NFL player to scramble for in excess of 2,000 yards in a solitary season.

In 1979, he resigned from football and turned into a sportscaster and an entertainer. Football isn’t the main thing O. J. Simpson is renowned for.

The prestigious player is likewise well known as a suspect in the homicide instance of his ex, Nicole Brown, and her companion Ronald Goldman. The subsequent occurrence extraordinarily affected the standing he had worked throughout the long term, and one can consider what life resembled for his small children during the time of their mom’s demise and their dad’s capture.

Justin’s mom, similar to his dad, was an American entertainer, however her life was stopped by a cutthroat homicide that was rarely tackled.

Despite the fact that O. J. had been the essential suspect from the outset, he was later cleared. The beautiful woman was born on the nineteenth of May 1959 in West Germany.

While she and her sister Denise were still little children, their family moved to California where she grew up.

As a young person, she felt weak at the knees over the ocean side, and she was nicknamed ‘Homecoming Princess’ at Dana Slopes Secondary School.

At the point when she turned eighteen, Nicole Earthy colored Simpson began functioning as a server at an upscale Beverly Slopes club called Daisy. That was where she met Simpson who was as yet hitched to his most memorable spouse, Marguerite Whitley, around then. Before long, they began dating and got hitched after he separated from his most memorable spouse.


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Tragically, the marriage between Justin’s folks was everything except merry and fun. Simpson ended up being faithless and oppressive. Companions and family members uncovered that they had seen wounds on the woman’s body on various events while she was alive. In 1989, during the New Year’s Eve party, the famous football player had taken steps to kill her.

This, among other horrible things that she looked in the marriage, made her record for a separation in 1992. She refered to hostile contrasts as the justification behind the separation.

Of Justin Ryan Simpson’s all’s kin, Arnelle Simpson was the most vocal during their dad’s preliminary, showing up in court, guarding her dad, and petitioning for his delivery.

Throughout the long term, she has battled to keep a task or fabricate any vocation for herself. She has been blamed for wasting her dad’s benefits and is said to tend to drink too much.

Justin’s stepbrother, Jason Simpson, eventually appeared to be bound to make it as a top competitor like his father. While an understudy at a Naval force School in Carlsbad, California, he was the school group’s half-back however in the wake of fiddling into extreme liquor utilization, cocaine, and delight, his football profession was wrecked. He is currently a Culinary expert at an Atlanta eatery. Sydney Simpson is a Humanism move on from Boston College. Of every one of Justin’s kin, Sydney has attempted the most to remain off the spotlight.

She has even endeavored changing her name. She was last freely seen during the broadcasting of Emmy-winning show Individuals v. O.J. Simpson: American Wrongdoing Story in St. Petersburg (2016). She runs a firm Simpsy, LLC which she utilizes for her property ventures.

While it’s as yet not satisfactory the sort of relationship he imparts to his dad, Justin, Sydney, and Arnelle dwell in St. Petersburg.

There, they sent off a non-dynamic organization called Justin Interchanges. The O.J. Simpson kids have put forth extraordinary attempts to avoid media.

What is Justin Ryan Simpson’s Total assets? Late gauges of Justin Ryan Simpson’s total assets have been out at $500,000. He brought in his cash from his profession as a realtor.

How Old is Justin Ryan Simpson? Justin Ryan Simpson is 34 years of age. He was born on the sixth of August 1988 in Los Angeles, California.

Is Justin Ryan Simpson Hitched? Justin Ryan Simpson isn’t hitched, in any case, subtleties of his adoration life are not precisely effectively open as he carries on with a confidential life.