Who Is Justin William Flores? Suspect Of El Monte Shooting Identified


Justin William Flores is a suspect in the El Monte shooting that ended the existences of two cops. Their commemoration was held external the El Monte Police Department today.

The police have distinguished a suspect in the shooting of El Monte. According to the reports, Justin William Flores was the individual who started shooting at two cops after they went into an inn room.


As per sources, the officials were trapped, prompting a gunfight in the inn. They were vigorously harmed and were raced to a close by medical clinic. They were articulated dead at the emergency clinic.

Who Is Justin William Flores? Suspect Of El Monte Shooting Identified Justin William Flores has been distinguished as the suspect who started shooting in an El Monte inn three days prior.

Also, it was the suspect’s mom who distinguished him. She was allegedly at the casualties’ remembrance where she shared the data about Flores.

As per his mom, Justin had a background marked by aggressive behavior at home. He had likewise been captured and invested some energy in a jail cell. In any case, his mom didn’t have any idea why her child would proceed to shoot the officials.

Alongside the officials, Flores was likewise articulated dead following the snare.

Justin William Flores Age And Wikipedia: What Did He Do? Justin William Flores started shooting at the Siesta Inn in El Monte on Tuesday.

Despite the fact that the family has distinguished the shooter, his age has not been uncovered at this point. Specialists said the two officials were trapped by gunfire from inside an inn room when they showed up at the Siesta Inn around 5:10 p.m.

Following that, the shooter came beyond the inn and traded gunfire with the officials. They were articulated dead at the nearby clinic they were taken to.

In addition, the officials were hitched and had youngsters. One of them was 22 years veteran and the other had quite recently joined a year prior. May their spirits rest in heaven.

Justin William Flores Dead As Well: Who Are The Victims? The shooter, Justin William Flores likewise died during the occurrence.

Nonetheless, the intention behind the shooting stays obscure for the present. The family had no data that could infer the reason why such a demonstration was done.

The officials’ names have not been uncovered up to this point. May they discover a sense of harmony in life following death. We send our genuine sympathies to their youngsters and family.