Who Is Kehlani’s Baby Daddy? It’s Their Guitarist

Need to realize who Kehlani’s child daddy is? The vocalist is standing out as truly newsworthy with the ugliest reality of their getting physically attacked at a show. In any case, their beautiful fans are a lot of positive, looking for more about what’s happening in their life. To be more exact, everybody knows about Kehlani’s child girl. Yet, who is their dad?

Beginning from the fundamentals, Kehlani Ashley Parrish is without a doubt a flexible vocalist. Born on 24 April 1995, Kehlani is currently 27 years of age. They hail from Oakland, California, US.


Indeed, Kehlani is significantly known for being one of the individuals from The HBK posse, a hip-jump aggregate. Have you not paid attention to their most recent work, Blue Water Street? It’s Kehlani’s third studio collection.


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A portion of Kehlani’s well known melodies are-Interruption, Great Life, Gangsta, Beneficial Thing, Birthday, Little Story, Everything, Delightful Falsehoods, I Like Dat, and so forth. This year, Kehlani additionally showed up as the visitor star for Ivy in the show series, The L Word: Age Q.

Leilani has worked with different craftsmen, for example, Keyshia Cole, Russ, Charlie Puth, Zayn, Nick Gun, and some more.

Returning to Kehlani’s own life, the vocalist has dated a couple from the business. Yet, the insight about their pregnancy made the fans wonder more about her significant other. Shockingly, it’s Kehlani’s guitarist, who is the dad of her youngster. In the event that you are searching for the character of Kehlani’s child daddy, here you go!

Meet Kehlani’s Child Daddy: Who Is He? As referenced currently about the guitarist being Kehlani’s child daddy, he is Javaughn Youthful White. Subsequent to declaring the insight about their pregnancy, Kehlani posted an image on Instagram, with the subtitle that said, “Hello Father.” Kehlani named their girl, Adeya Nomi Youthful White. She was born on 23 Walk 2019.

Discussing it, Kehlani focused on their pregnancy plan. At the point when she figured out that they could get a break from visiting, they made arrangements for it. It was the initial occasion when, they gave it an idea and thought about it. At the point when Kehlani and Javaughn dealt with it, the previous said that neither of them felt it like a task.


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At the point when gotten some information about what Kehlani loved about their child daddy, the vocalist uncovered that Javaughn is likewise a male sexually open. They owned up to feeling perfect to be perceived.

Kehlani’s child daddy, Javaughn Youthful White procured a seriously noteworthy vocation at 23 years old. In view of his posts via virtual entertainment, it appears as though he is a firm devotee to otherworldly things. A few bits of gossip began circling on the web, it was Kehlani’s “gay closest companion” and “sperm contributor.” That is crazy to express that Javaughn!

Kehlani’s Child Daddy Kehlani with her child and Jauvaughn Youthful White

In light of this, Javaughn took it to his Twitter account and exposed those faltering and phony reports. He said, “I’ve never been a sperm benefactor nor do I distinguish as gay nor have I at any point been “the gay dearest companion.” furthermore, Javaughn likewise tended to himself as the dad of his lovely girl.


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Kehlani (@kehlani)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

Javaughn blew up at those individuals who meddled. He said, “Assuming that you will be erratic and nosey least have yo realities straight.”

Indeed, assuming you are pondering their ongoing status, Kehlani and Jauvaughn have thrown in the towel. Not the specific purpose for their separation is known. Likewise, it’s not known whether both offer Adeya’s joint guardianship. Both have continued on and are exceptionally blissful!

All the best to Kehlani for the impending days of their life. You might give Kehlani a following on their Instagram account, for additional updates. We accept that Kehlani is an incredible mother. On the opposite side, Jauvaughn purportedly shares an extraordinary bond with their girl.