Who Is Kelly Levinson From Georgia, Who Killed Her? Murder Case Update


Kelly Levinson is one of the cases that shook the web for a very long time after previous Columbus Police Sgt. William Talley III was captured for the homicide. Look at additional subtleties on this case.

As per sources, Kelly was a paramedic for the city. Her case was tackled by Veteran Newsman Ben Wright, who demonstrates prophetic in his “extraordinary treatment” expectation for a cop in prison for homicide.


In a meeting, the veteran newsman, Ben Wright, kidded that his most memorable day at the Ledger-Enquirer was on April Fool’s Day. A 1972 alumni of Harris County High School who set off for college and started his vocation in California, he covered the police and the court framework in Columbus for a really long time.

Who Is Kelly Levinson From Georgia? Kelly is a paramedic for the city, killed by her sweetheart, previous Columbus Police Sgt. William Talley III.

In CPD records about this episode, Kelly Levinsohn’s name was excluded from the report specifying how officials cuffed a viciously upset Talley prior to driving home to his significant other in Harris County.

Kelly’s case can be tracked down in volume seven of the “Law enforcement in the Chattahoochee Valley” series.

Wright, whose spouse is on the CPD force, said of Talley’s capture report in July in a meeting uncovered, “They didn’t have it since they would have rather not had it” since it was connected with the police.

Kelly Levinson Mugshot? In August, the lawful notification show the casualty’s mom as agent of her little girl’s state.

In September, Kelly’s brother vouched for the aggravation of losing his 44-year-old sister during a Superior Court hearing when a much-more slender Talley requested to be eliminated from isolation due to its effect on his emotional wellness.

During the case, the veteran newsman uncovered, “officials answered a misery call at the late 44-year-old EMT’s home prior in 2019.”

In light of the smidgens of proof assembled by Wright, the settling case was a heightening cycle in violations including aggressive behavior at home, and the guide said to leave when the primary traces of savagery surface in a relationship.

What Is The Status Of The Case In 2022? As indicated by sources, the case got excused by the Judge tracker.

As indicated by electric city life, Wright gets back to the subject of Talley’s fixed reports subsequent to trading a couple of merriments with Judge Hunter.

In view of the contextual investigation of Kelly’s homicide case, her beau has a substance misuse issue.

The newsman further added that his occupation was fascinating in more than 20 years of involvement, yet Kelly’s case was discouraging.

Despite the fact that Kelly’s case was settled, her family keeps on experiencing because of an absence of conclusion and lamenting friends and family lost in the commission of a wrongdoing.