Who is Kenneth Henderson Jones, United Airlines pilot seen attacking Denver Airport parking gate with ax?

Kenneth Henderson Jones, a Unified Carriers pilot was trapped in video more than once going after a stopping door at Denver Worldwide Air terminal with a hatchet.

The recording was caught on August 2 and later got by CBS News Colorado. Jones, 63 was seen strolling toward the leave door of the stopping for staff at the air terminal with a hatchet in his grasp. The pilot to whack the brought down arm multiple times till it severed. A vehicle was seen entering the part from the left as the pilot continued to go after the arm.


At a certain point, the video slice to an air terminal laborer attempting to take the hatchet from Jones. The pilot figures out how to clutch the hatchet before another staff individuals shows up and both individuals effectively incapacitate Jones. The pilot was captured later via air terminal police.

Nobody was harmed in the occurrence, that was depicted by the air terminal authorities as a “physical battle.”

Who is Kenneth Henderson Jones?

Jones was accused of wrongdoing criminal underhandedness. He is appraised to fly Boeing 767s and 757s, as per FAA records. He is booked to show up in Adams Region Court on September 25.

He told Adams Area sheriff’s representatives that “he just hit his limit.” He further referenced that “was attempting to dispose of issues for everybody pausing” in the wake of noticing six vehicles in line at every one of the three entryways. He said he was additionally attempting to leave the air terminal before the episode occurred.

Carrier representative Russel Carlton told CBS Colorado that Jones “was taken out from the timetable and is on leave while Joined conducts an interior examination.”