Who is Kevin Rodriguez? 18-year-old wanted in Worcester State University shooting

A 18-year-old is needed in Worcester State College shooting
Specialists are searching for 18-year-old Kevin Rodriguez, who last lived in Lawrence
He’s needed on charges of unlawful ownership of a gun and outfitted attack with goal to kill

A 18-year-old is needed in Worcester State College shooting.


The Worcester Region Head prosecutor has formally recognized a suspect looked for regarding a disastrous shooting occurrence that happened in the vicinity of Worcester State College.

Who is Kevin Rodriguez?

Policing effectively in quest for 18-year-old Kevin Rodriguez, who was last known to live in Lawrence. Rodriguez has to deal with serious penalties, including unlawful ownership of a gun and outfitted attack with expectation to kill. Specialists have given an unmistakable admonition, taking into account him equipped and hazardous, encouraging any individual who experiences him to promptly dial 911.

The occurrence unfurled in the early long stretches of Saturday morning, around 2:30 a.m., when an unsettling influence ejected nearby a parking structure situated on the college grounds. In this manner, understudies were coordinated to protect set up in the consequence of the shooting.

Sadly, this fight brought about the departure of a 19-year-old male, while a 21-year-elderly person supported wounds. The characters of these casualties have not been openly unveiled. During a public interview hung on Saturday, the Lead prosecutor expressed that the shooting doesn’t seem to have been an irregular demonstration.

Significantly, it has been explained that neither the casualties nor the people engaged with the occurrence are partnered with Worcester State College as understudies.

Because of these occasions, Worcester State College has pursued the hard decision to drop the entire end of the week exercises, including the anxiously anticipated homecoming and family end of the week. The organization is likewise stretching out guiding administrations to understudies who might need help during this upsetting time.

The quest for Kevin Rodriguez and the continuous examination concerning the conditions of this sad episode stay an issue of high need for policing the college local area, as they all in all look for answers and equity directly following this pitiful occasion.