Who Is Keyona Griffin? Horrifying 911 Call Transcript Reveals A Mysterious Murder


65-year-old At 553 Sheldon in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Jacqueline Baber-Bey, 25-year-old Keyona Griffin, 47-year-old Cherletta Baber-Bey, and her sweetheart, 47-year-old “Jay,” dwelled together.

Carrying on with a typical life, an astonishing misfortune hit the family last month prompting a slaughter. Here is all that we are familiar it.


Who Is Keyona Griffin? Keyona Griffin is the one who called 911 to advise them about the killing regarding her auntie and her conceivable homicide. Seven minutes and 41 seconds after the call among Keyona and 911 finished, three Grand Rapids Police officials showed up at 553 Sheldon.

The Grand Rapids Police Department delivered bodycam film of their appearance. After various attempts to get into the house, they fizzled and didn’t attempt to contact in the middle between.

The experts in Grand Rapids never connected with anyone inside the home. They left three minutes and 42 seconds after they showed up. 911 dispatchers got a second call from similar home two hours and after 18 minutes.

Sanford Cummings II was his name. In a higher up room, he found his 25-year-old sister Keyona dead. She’d been shot multiple times, one of which hit her in the face. Whenever officials returned, they found a second passing at 553 Sheldon.

emergency Call Transcript and Murder Update 47-year-old Cherletta Baber-Bey was found oblivious in her bed. She was wearing earphones and set up on a pad with an iPad that was all the while playing. She’d been hit toward the rear of the head with a shot.

Cherletta was depicted by her family as an adoring, reliable, and wonderful lady who stayed away from social circumstances, as indicated by Target 8. “Jay” was her most memorable genuine sweetheart, and the two hung out in her room.

Criminal investigators found a crate of letters in Cherletta’s storeroom during the homicide request. It was a progression of “jail letters” among her and Derrell Brown. Derrell told Cherletta in those letters that he went by the name “Jay.” It was the mark on the entirety of the letters.

Is The Suspected Murderer Arrested? No, the thought killer has not been captured at this point.

The Grand Rapids Police Department gave a record of Keyona Griffin’s wild eyed emergency call hours before the homicides soon after the passings, however limited admittance to the call’s genuine sound.

Target 8 specialists endeavored once more in October 2021. We acquired the 911 sound and police report under the Freedom of Information Act to focus on the overall manhunt for the executioner, which is presently in its fourth year.

Brown, then again, keeps on strolling free, in all likelihood prowling on display.