Who Is Keyshia Cole’s Baby Daddy? Answered

Need to realize who is Keyshia Cole’s child daddy? Famous songstress, lyricist, and TV character Keyshia Cole has been a piece of the music business for some time now. Cole’s subsequent collection proceeded to bring forth three hit singles and procured her not one however four Grammy selections. After a fruitful melodic profession, Keyshia Cole featured in her unscripted tv series, Keyshia Cole: How It Is.

The series was a gigantic hit and proceeded to become quite possibly of the most-watched show in the organization’s set of experiences. Keyshia’s previous spouse, Daniel Gibson, and Cole recorded their relationship alongside the wedding on their BET series named Keyshia and Daniel:


Family First. While they moved starting with one broadcasting company then onto the next, Gibson made sense of how he maintained that fans should see him from an alternate perspective. Allow us to investigate figure out who is Keyshia Cole’s child daddy.

Who is Keyshia Cole’s Child Daddy? Keyshia Cole’s child daddy is Niko Khale. While the two made their relationship official back in mid 2018, the relationship was not intended to be, as they headed out in different directions some time later. As the pair later started compromise reports, fans were persuaded that it was over for good after Khale later presented his new lady via virtual entertainment.

Who is Keyshia Cole’s child daddy? Keyshia Cole has a youngster from her previous life partner and NBA player, Daniel Gibson. While the two were together for some time, the two at last headed out in different directions and were authoritatively separated in 2020.

Gibson and Cole’s six-year marriage came to a sudden stop as there were gossipy tidbits about the previous competitor purportedly going behind Keyshia’s back with various ladies.

At the point when Gibson resided in Cole’s home alongside their child during their experience on “Adoration and Hip Bounce: Hollywood, the previous Cleveland Cavaliers player was truly engaging despondency as he removed a stage from his games vocation and conceded that he believed fans should see what the co-nurturing style among him and Keyshia seemed to be.

Keyshia Cole Discusses Her Child Daddy! While Keyshia Cole and Niko Khale are not together any longer, the two were together for quite some time prior to heading out in different directions for good.

Cole got reaction for their 15 years age hole. The songstress once expressed that while individuals have been extremely critical about their connections yet she will sustain what supports her.

In any case, the songstress prior uncovered how the two at first associated on Instagram on her new syndicated program on Fox Soul. The mother of two further added how she found Niko through his music when he remixed one of her hit tracks.

While Niko and Keyshia are not together any longer, they presently co-parent their one-year-old child Tobias Khale. The previous pair invited their little one in August 2019. The two ignited split tales after they unfollowed each other on Instagram. The two never expressly uncovered the reason for their separation as the sentiment later failed off.

Who is Keyshia Cole Dating? While Keyshia Cole tapped out with previous accomplice Cole, the songstress prior started trying reports about NFL player Antonio Brown. These bits of gossip were further fuelled after fans saw film of Keyshia’s lower back tattoo that highlighted the initials “Stomach muscle.”

Afterward, Keyshia got serious about these bits of gossip saying that she is attempting to sort out her relationship with Antonio while Further adding that she accepts the competitor made his aims pretty obvious all along.

Keyshia prior teamed up on Antonio’s most memorable single, “Don’t Leave,” which was important for his Worldview collection. Cole further commended the competitor saying how she thought the previous Tampa Sound Pirates player was skilled.

Cole state’s the means by which she adored the collection of work that Antonio made while further adding that she could not have possibly teamed up on the off chance that she didn’t figure he would be perfect. The sentiment, be that as it may, before long burnt out.