Who is Kitara Ravache? George Santos drag queen claim sparks hilarious memefest online

A supposed case with respect to U.S. Delegate for New York George Santos’ past has started silly images on the web.

On Wednesday, January 18, columnist Marisa Kabas took to her Twitter handle to share an old image of the 34-year-old legislator apparently cross-dressed close by another cross dresser, Eula Rochard, while he lived in Brazil.


Rochard addressed the writer after as of late spotting Santos on neighborhood TV and uncovered his drag name to be “Kitara Ravache.” Rochard additionally noticed that individuals knew him as Anthony and not George, which has authoritatively been recorded as his name.

The picture, which is grainy, apparently shows Santos wearing a strapless red top or dress with long earthy colored hair. He additionally seems to have placed some cosmetics all over.

After George Santos’ image cross-dressed circulated around the web, Twitterati responded to the circumstance in funny ways. A few clients derided the lawmaker for purportedly lying about his experience, personality, and name and shared photoshopped pictures of him cross-dressed.

Others were stunned about the degree of the supposed untruths that George Santos prepared to arrive at this specific political position.

Since being chosen in November 2022, George Santos has confronted monstrous reaction over his experience. Tales have twirled around his name as well as about his cases of going to Baruch College and being a star volleyball player, where his accomplishments look like the resume of his previous chief, Pablo Oliveira.

Santos has been under gigantic strain to leave as subtleties of his experience unfurl, with him confessing to lying about his instructive accreditations last month.

As of late, George, who is needed by the Brazilian police, has some inclinations about his obvious abundance and the $700,000 of his own cash he utilized in his mission.

George, who as of late told columnists he wouldn’t leave, has apparently blended with moderate administrators, some of whom have straightforwardly gone against the drag local area.

A few allies of Santos, including House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, have stayed quiet about the new asserted cases of him being in drag.

Beside McCarthy, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Rep Matt Gaetz, who recently safeguarded him against the reaction over calls for him to leave, have additionally not remarked.

Santos has not yet remarked on the new cases of him being in drag.