Who Is Kyla Hayes From Houston? Deshaun Watson Accuser Comes Forward On HBO’s ‘Real Sports’


Hayes is a young lady who runs a back rub parlor in the Huston region. She has blamed Dashaun Waston, close by Ashel Solis sexual maltreatment. Additionally, Hyes has made sense of the circumstance he drove her during the back rub, where he used to over and again contacted her with his penis.

Who Is Kyla Hayes From Houston? Hayes is an American football quarterback Deshaun Watson informer. She has asserted that Waston is paying for his terrible way of behaving. Kyla has collaborated with Solis and emerged about the conduct player shows toward these young ladies.


Also, Solis has conversed with Waston has placed his penis on her hand. Additionally, she had referenced that she pulled him off and began crying after the episode. The informer had said she would have rather not been in the circumstance once more and advised him to stop it.

Further, Kyles has discussed him getting released and making what is going on. She has asserted that Watson has done it all deliberately. Notwithstanding, the player has characterized his charge.

By the by, judges had gone against calling Waston for the charge recorded by ten ladies. Likewise, the player has referenced that he has never done such a criminal offense and lack of respect or physically denounced ladies in all his years.

Deshaun Watson Accuser Comes Forward Hayes and Solis had approached and blamed Deshaun Watson for physically bothering them. Ashel Solis has stood up some unacceptable work Waston to the O’Brien. Hayes and Solis met up and unveiled Waston to Bryant Gumbel at HBO Real games.

Also, both the ladies have made sense of Waston’s off-base conduct on the episode of Tuesday night. Hyes has referenced that Waston has attempted to make V movement in his lower part of the middle. At rub, Waston requested to go across his stomach to the thighs except if he contacted her with his penis.

Kyla Hayes Age And Job Details Hyes is as of now 22 years of age as she was born in 1999. She is yet to specify her introduction to the world month on the public stage. Kyla as of now dwells in the Huston region and holds a task as a back rub specialist. She has recorded a common suit against Waston for his off-base way of behaving during the message.

In addition, she has made sense of her involvement with her back rub parlor with footballer Deshaun Waston. The manner in which he drove his penis to contact her during the treatment meeting.