Who Is Liese Dodd’s Killer Boyfriend Deundrea Holloway From Alton IL? Pregnant Gf Death


Liese Dodd’s beau Deundrea Holloway is accused of the homicide of his ex Liese whose head was tracked down in a dumpster at her home.

Liese Dodd was eight-month pregnant and her kid was expected in late July, yet she is supposedly killed by her ex Deundrea Holloway. Dodd’s mom Heidi Noel visited Liese after she didn’t hear from her pregnant girl for some time. Heidi tracked down her little girl dead at her home and quickly called the police.


Deundrea and Liese were in an on-and-off relationship for the beyond two years as per New York Post. It isn’t clear assuming that the dad of Liese’s unborn youngster was Deundrea however he has been captured by the specialists and is having to deal with a few penalties.

Allow us to more deeply study Liese Dodd’s beau Deundrea Holloway and investigate his capture. Is Liese Dodd Killer Boyfriend Deundrea Holloway? Liese Dodd’s executioner beau Deundrea Holloway is standing out as truly newsworthy after the new episode.

Deundrea is the great suspect in the homicide of Liese, who was eight months pregnant and arranging her child shower at the hour of her passing.

Individual data about Deundrea isn’t accessible on the web yet the cop alluded to him as ‘Cracking, Savage Monster’ as per Oxygen.

Holloway is 22 years of age and he was in an on-and-off relationship with Dodd for the beyond two years, it is muddled assuming he is the dad of Dodd’s unborn youngster.

He doesn’t have a Wikipedia profile for his wiki and bio yet, however we are attempting to cover all that to be familiar with Deundrea in this article for our perusers and watchers.

Alton IL Murder: Is Suspect Deundrea Holloway Arrested? Alton Illions murder suspect Deundrea Holloway is captured by the specialists.

He was captured that very day when Liese’s body was found, on June 9, 2022. He has been accused of two counts of purposeful manslaughter of an unborn kid, dissecting a human body, covering of a crime, and having a taken vehicle notwithstanding the charge of homicide.

Holloway was captured by Gillespie Authorities after officials answered claims of a taken bike. Prior to being captured by cops, Holloway obviously would not recognize himself as per Oxygen.

All things considered, Holloway was accused of burglary, opposing capture, and preventing ID prior to being set up for the Macoupin County Jail. The Madison County State’s Attorney’s Office remembered him as the man needed for Dodd’s awful homicide and accused him of her homicide.

Holloway is at present being held at the Alton Jail on a $2 million bond. Liese Dodd Obituary: Meet Her Mother And Father Liese Dodd’s eulogy is found on the web after the fresh insight about her demise was disclosed.

Liese mother Heidi Noel found her body after she went to visit her pregnant girl. She had not heard from Liese for quite a while and went to keep an eye on her.

Data about Dodd’s dad isn’t accessible on the web yet, he is thoroughly good and gone at this point. He has not offered any expression or shown up yet.

Essentially, Liese doesn’t appear to be a hitched lady, and data about her ongoing accomplice is likewise not accessible. Her unborn kid’s dad is likewise not been disclosed at this point.