Who is Lionel Richie’s ex-wife Diane Alexander? Her Wiki-Bio: Age, Married, Plastic Surgery, Ethnicity

Who is Diane Alexander? Diane Alexander became born at the 16th June 1967 in the United States, so her nationality is American and ethnicity white Caucasian. Diane was a dancer and a fashion fashion designer, and except that showed up in movies Lake Girls (1990) and Forget Paris (1995) as a dancer. She became famous broadly speaking due to her relationship with Lionel Richie, and therefore she seemed dancing in his video Dancing at the Ceiling (1986). She wasn’t acknowledged to the general public earlier than this dating.

Relationship with Lionel Richie Diane Alexander was married to Lionel Richie; they tied the knot on the twenty first December 1995 however they met lots in advance, on the Los Angeles Olympics rite lower back then in 1984 when Lionel turned into making a song. Two years after that they started their relationship while although still married, he turned into sincerely separated from his first wife Brenda Harvey.


Brenda stuck the couple in a lodge room, was livid and attacked her then husband, and because of that she was arrested and sued. Diane Alexander and Lionel Richie now have kids together – son Miles Brockman changed into born on 27th May a 12 months before their marriage, and daughter Sofia Richie on 24th August 1998; Sofia is a model however she is more often than not in newspaper for her dating with Scott Disick.

Expensive divorce The couple divorced in October 2003 after seven years of marriage. Lionel had to pay a big sum of money as alimony, as Diane demanded $300,000 a month for herself and their kids’s guide!

Diane’s modern associate Diane has now moved on according, and has been engaged considering that 2015 to Dave Kenney – there’s no statistics that they have split up, so it is believed that they are still collectively, however there is now evidence that they’ve married. Nevertheless, she remains buddies with Lionel as there are numerous photos on her on Instagram of them with kids.

Personal life There is not a lot data approximately Diane’s early personal existence, as she wasn’t a celebrity till she married Lionel. She still loves to maintain her lifestyles faraway from media and as personal as feasible. Diane should love nature because most of her pics on social media contain landscapes and the beauty of nature. She is in an amazing shape even though she was born in 1967 so it’s blamed both on her appropriate genes or on an energetic lifestyle. The alimony she requested for from her former husband Richie involved fees she wanted for a beauty medical professional, consequently it’s far assumed she makes use of a few sort of plastic surgical treatment services.

Career lifestyles Diane turned into a dancer and she appeared in two movies and a video of Lionel Richie in one, which helped her to come to be famous. Currently she is a style dressmaker, that is her predominant source of profits. Diane had extra blessings than negative aspects for being worried with Lionel, because it added her cash and a few reputation.

What is Diane doing today? As stated, Diane is not so famous with the so there are not many sources that may tell what goes on with her existence. She entered the spotlight once more because of her daughter, version Sofia Richie. Sofia is presently a lot within the media because of her relationship with an older boyfriend, Scott Disick. After her mom met her boyfriend these days, Diane has had a few attention once more.

Net well worth As a former dancer and a present day fashion clothier, she isn’t always a well-known character and consequently she isn’t a certainly rich woman. The affair she had with a superstar Lionel Richie truly did her a want: after divorce she got a huge sum of money as alimony which entails $three hundred,000 consistent with month, which included $20 000 for plastic surgery, $15 000 for garb per month and $50 000 for different beauty remedies she seemingly desires. According to the sources her net really worth isn’t better than $1 million.