Who Is Lixi Rivera’s Boyfriend?

Lexi Rivera is seeing someone of 2023, nonetheless, she recently dated YouTuber Ben Azelart somewhere in the range of 2018 and 2020, and she is presently dating Andrew Davila.

Alexa Brooke Rivera (born June 7, 2001) is a tumbler and web character from the US. She rose to reputation by showing up in her more established brother Brent Rivera’s recordings, and she then moved out to be her own content creator. She is as of now endorsed to Amp Studios, which was established by her brother Brent Rivera.


Ben Azelart: Lixi Rivera’s Ex Lexi supposedly met Ben Azelart (born January 10, 2002) in 2017, around the time Amp Studios was established and makers were marking contracts with the organization. Ben expressed that they didn’t address each other for the initial a half year after the gathering. However, they understood they enjoyed one another and started dating in 2018.

Somewhere in the range of 2018 and 2020, the two regularly showed up in one another’s web-based entertainment posts and in Brent Rivera’s recordings.

Lexi reported their division in a YouTube video named “We Separated” in November 2020. They said that it was becoming challenging for them to imagine that everything was well on camera, yet they likewise expressed that the decision to separate was common, and the explanation was not quite so sensational as many might envision.

They then reported the phases of their relationship, guaranteeing that while they professed to be content and happy on record, they were very unique when the camera was switched off. It reached the place where they couldn’t keep up the demonstration any longer.

They additionally expressed that they were very youthful when the relationship started and that they have created past it, guaranteeing that they are in an ideal situation as companions. They likewise referenced that they wasted their chance to spend their initial adulthood as independent people.

They finished the video by saying that they made a commitment while they were together, that they would be companions even after they split up, and that they were available to dating another later on assuming the powers of providence lined up. Here is the video wherein they declared their split.

Andrew Davila: Lixi Rivera’s Momentum Beau Lexi Rivera has apparently been connected to maker Andrew Davila, with whom she every now and again teams up. Andrew’s sister inadvertently uncovered Andrew and Lexi’s association on a live feed, affirming reports that they are presently dating. They have additionally been seen on get-aways/dates with no of their buddies.

Did You Be aware? Lexi Rivera and Dom Brack, a maker, were discovered kissing openly in December 2020, driving individuals to think that Lexi and Dom were dating following Lexi’s detachment from Ben Azelart. In any case, it was a set-up for one of Brent Rivera’s recordings.

How long did Lexi Rivera and Ben Azelart date? They dated between mid 2018 and late 2020, making it two years. also, Ben Azelart date?

Who Is Lexi Rivera Sweetheart in 2023? Lexi Rivera is dating Andrew Davila in 2023

For what reason did Ben Azelart and Lexi Rivera separate? Azelart and Rivera separated in light of the fact that the relationship was not agreeable any longer, and that they believed they were faking it for the camera

What is the age contrast between Lexi Rivera and Ben Azelart? The age distinction among Lexi and Ben is 7 months, taking into account Lexi was born in June 2001 and Azelart in January 2002.