Who is Liz Harris? Arizona House expels Republican Lawmaker over QAnon conspiracy theories


On Wednesday, April 12, previous conservative legislator Liz Harris was ousted from the Arizona Place of Delegates for welcoming a QAnon intrigue scholar to a board of trustees hearing. As per the Gatekeeper, in February 2023, Harris gave a stage to nearby protection specialist Jacqueline Breger, who blamed American lawmakers for wrongfully getting pay-offs from drug cartels.

Because of Liz Haris’ activities, Arizona lawmakers guaranteed that she subverted State foundations and didn’t complete the legitimate systems prior to welcoming somebody who made ‘unvetted’ charges. While Liz Harris guaranteed that she didn’t realize Breger would even out serious allegations against different chosen delegates, instant messages given by an unknown source apparently demonstrated that she had arranged the episode. A 46-13 vote confirmed that she would be eliminated.


As per The Arizona Mirror, Liz Harris, a conservative legislator, is known to embrace different paranoid fears. She is additionally known for her relationship with different advertisers of QAnon paranoid notions, including message Board administrator Ron Watkins.

A realtor, Harris officially started her political vocation in 2020 when she fruitlessly ran for a seat in the Arizona governing body. In November 2022, she was chosen for the Statehouse. She in the end addressed the Pheonix suburb of Chandler.

Subsequent to acquiring a stage, she started to guarantee that the Arizona State decisions had been manipulated by leftists. As indicated by KPNX, she likewise probably would not make a choice except if the re-races were completed again.

While she would continuously challenge government organizations, the February 2023 occurrence was viewed as the straw that broke the camel’s back. Instant messages traded between Liz Harris and Jacqueline Breger demonstrated that the government official was working together with the trick scholar and that she was completely mindful that the discourse made by Breger would be incendiary.

Alexander Kolodin, a conservative partner of Harris’, contradicted the removal. He said excusing Harris for advancing paranoid fears would just give trustworthiness to the charges. He further expressed that among QAnon allies, the move would be viewed as a sign that government officials accept her cases could be substantial. Kolodin said:

“(The removal) gives credit to these dreadful charges and makes her a saint for them.”

As indicated by the Autonomous, in any case, Breger’s cases were viewed as ill-conceived as she gave no substantial proof. According to legislators who casted a ballot to oust Harris, introducing allegations without claims is encroaching on the privileges of chosen pioneers.

Arizona regulation expresses that Harris should be supplanted by another conservative government official. The Maricopa Area Leading group of Managers has not yet reported who will have her spot.