Who is Logan Robertson From Brunswick Ohio? Student Shooting Get Heat As Teen Arrested


Logan Robertson is a youngster from Brunswick, Ohio. He supposedly shot his better half dead on May 3 at around 11 pm, Brunswick Police Department answered calls of a lady with a gunfire twisted in the 4300 square of Southwick Boulevard.

Robertson is being held by specialists and the case is being examined, yet the police office has not uncovered anything about the case yet. The casualty is distinguished as Alyssa Pinardo by Showbiz Corner.


Allow us to study Logan Robertson and investigate his better half and shooting.

Who Is Logan Robertson From Brunswick Ohio? Logan Robertson is a man from Brunswick Ohio.

He has been secured by the specialists now after he supposedly shot and killed his sweetheart Alyssa Pinardo.

The shooting occurred around 11 p.m. on May 3 on Southwick Boulevard, close to Pearl Road as per Cleveland.

Medina Municipal Court Judge Gary Werner set Robertson’s security at $5 million during his most memorable court appearance Wednesday morning. Robertson is as of now being held in Medina County Jail.

Much data about his own life has not risen to the top yet however he is accepted to be an understudy as indicated by different sources.

Understudy Shooting: Girlfriend Alyssa Pinardo Shot To Death By Logan Robertson Logan Robertson is blamed for killing his 18-year-former sweetheart Alyssa Pinardo. Besides, he shot her to a ridiculous degree.

As per Brunswick police, officials were gathered to the 4300 square of Southwick Blvd. in Brunswick at around 11 p.m. Tuesday.

Whenever officials showed up, they found the 18-year-old casualty. Logan was caught and shipped off the Medina County Jail.

Logan has wavy brunette hair. He has all the earmarks of being youthful, regardless of the way that he is only 18 years of age. The explanation he killed his sweetheart has not yet been uncovered.

Alyssa and Logan could have a few distinctions or contentions between them which prompted the shooting and passing of Alyssa.

What Is Logan Robertson Age? Logan Robertson’s age is 18 years of age starting around 2022.

In any case, the data about his genuine date of birth has not risen to the top yet.

Because of the absence of data about his genuine date of birth, his zodiac sign is likewise not accessible yet.

Besides, making forecasts about his character in view of his zodiac sign is likewise impractical.