Who Is Loren Legarda Son Lorenzo Leviste And Why Is He Against His Own Mom?


Lorenzo Leviste turned into an interesting issue of conversation after he composed an open letter of melancholy distributed on Rappler.com. He discussed how harmed he feels about his mom’s activities nowadays.

Who Is Lorenzo Leviste? Lorenzo Leviste the child of Loren Legarda. His name has as of late surfaced on the web after he distributed an open letter examining his perspective on his mom’s ongoing office in the impending races.


He said that his mom “is a lady who survived Martial Law” and that she trained him to esteem truth and equity. He added that she was a past writer who had encountered the repulsiveness of military regulation.

Subsequently, he communicated his distress since his mom “spits in the countenances” of thousands of individuals whose lives were annihilated by the Marcoses and the Dutertes.

As per Yahoo News, the lawmaker is tied for first spot in quite a while for senatorial up-and-comers with Raffy Tulfo, another solid Independent competitor. Moreover, she acquired the support of the One Bangsamoro Movement.

What Is Loren Legarda Son Lorenzo Leviste Age? Investigate His Wiki Loren Legarda’s’ child, Lorenzo Leviste, is at 23 years old, however his wiki-bio isn’t accessible. There is no data about him on the web.

His name likewise as of late surfaced via online entertainment in light of his letter. He had said that he was born during the 1990s. Nonetheless, he likewise added that he was born when the shadow of many years of Marcos dread, mistreatment, and defilement was all around the country.

While there are many perspectives about his new activity, he is by all accounts commended more by the residents. Despite the fact that there are voices that say the manner in which he talked so gruffly about his mom is discourteous.

It’s actually not necessary to focus on a legislator any longer since he discussed his mother. Notwithstanding, certain individuals support him and give him the fortitude to represent equity despite the fact that he needed to conflict with his mom.

What amount Of Net Worth Does Lorenzo Leviste Have? Lorenzo Leviste’s total assets isn’t uncovered at this point. Be that as it may, he is the child of a government official, preservationist, social specialist, and previous writer as of late moving in news titles on account of the impending senatorial political race.

He resides away from home as he referenced that he has not been to the Philippines since he was 18 and has not seen his mom for around 50% of 10 years.