Who is Lucie Rose, Richard Keys’ wife and daughter Jemma Keys’ friend?

Previous Sky Sports television intellectual Richard Keys’ hitched his girl’s companion Lucie Rose
He had a supposed illicit relationship with her seven years back
His ex Julia Keys learned about the issue while fighting disease and separated from him in 2016

Previous Sky Sports television savant Richard Keys’ hitched his little girl’s companion Lucie Rose, with whom he had a supposed illicit relationship seven years back, which his ex Julia Keys learned about while engaging malignant growth.


The 66-year-old traded promises with his subsequent spouse, who is 32 years more youthful than him and was a companion of his little girl, Jemma Keys.

In a picture from their wedding, posted by one of the participants, Richard should have been visible wearing a dark suit with his lady to-be paralyzed in a delightful wedding outfit and a long shroud. Where the service occurred is accepted to be Devon.

Richard has not gotten serious about his new pre-marriage ceremony via virtual entertainment. It is likewise not satisfactory in the event that Jemma went to the function as she was not found in any of the photographs. It was accounted for back in 2016 that Jemma’s relationship with her dad crumbled after his supposed undertaking with Lucie was unveiled. She fell into profundities of misery and furthermore turned into a drunkard. She likewise shut down during one of her alcoholic excursions and sent harmful messages to previous companion, Lucie which wound up in her getting captured and accused of badgering. The case was subsequently dropped by CPS.

Addressing The Sun before the function, Richard said: “I’m an extremely fortunate man, despite the fact that feeling a piece anxious. We’re taking off to Canada for our wedding trip which is a piece unique. Then, at that point, it has returned to work for the two of us in August and the beginning of the football season for me. Individuals figure I may be a piece quite old now yet I couldn’t care less.”

Who is Lucie Rose?

Rose is an exceptional assets counsel in the Corporate Division for London firm Prokauser. She started her profession as an in-house legal advisor in the Center East and turned into a conceded specialist in Britain and Ridges.

Richard and Lucie met each other through a shared companion in Doha when the previous was filling in as a television moderator for Sky Sports at that point. At the time Rose was additionally companions with Jemma.

In a meeting with The Athletic, following his separation from his most memorable spouse in 2016, Richard denied having an unsanctioned romance with Rose. “Assuming that individuals accept that I left with my better half battling disease with a companion of my girl’s, I can’t change that now… I didn’t fall head over heels for a companion of my little girl’s.

He asked about getting married back in 2021. They deferred their wedding a few times because of Coronavirus.