Who Is Major Stepan Tarabalka? Ghost Of Kyiv Killed In Ukraine Identified


Ukrainian military pilot and Major Stepan Tarabalka isn’t named on Wikipedia. Yet, he is on the title since he purportedly died in an air fight.

Major Stepan Tarabalka also known as Ghost of Kyiv was a bold military pilot from Ukraine. He died battling for his country in the conflict.


Tarabalka was flying MiG-29 and doing combating with the Russian airforces. Truth be told, he brought down 6 Russian airplane upon the arrival of fight and an aggregate of 40 in the course of his life.

Stepan was one of the main contenders of the Ukrainian Air Force (UAF). Tragically, Ukraine supposedly lost him in an air fight on 13 March 2022.

Major Stepan Tarabalka Wikipedia Explored Ukrainian Air Force Major Stepan Tarabalka’s memoir has not been highlighted on Wikipedia.

He enlisted in the Carpathian Military Sports in Lyceum when he was 13 years of age. Then, he went to the Kharkiv National University of the Air Force.

Stepan graduated in 2014 and began battling for his country. Then, at that point, he turned into a military pilot on MiG-29 and served in the continuous Ukraine-Russia war.

Tarabalka brought down 40 military aircraft of adversaries until his downfall. On the clash of 13 March, he exclusively brought down six preceding the foe brought his airplane down.

Tribute: Ghost Of Kyiv Death Major Stepan Tarabalka As indicated by the web-based tribute, Major Stepan Tarabalka urf Ghost of Kyiv died on 13 March 2022.

He was on the MiG-29 military aircraft and he was engaging for the benefit of his nation, Ukraine. He battled courageously and brought down six Russian airplane.

Notwithstanding, during the interaction, one of the Russian airplane went after his plane and he died. Following his passing, he was named a conflict legend and granted the Order of the Golden Star.

Stepan’s protective cap and goggles are set to be unloaded in London as an advancement of valor. His passing has disheartened the UAF and his loved ones. May his superb soul find happiness in the hereafter.

Major Stepan Tarabalka Wife-Was He Married? Major Stepan Tarabalka was hitched to his significant other, Olenia Tarabalka as detailed by NPR.

The couple gave off an impression of being youth darlings however they have not uncovered their romantic tale yet. They even begun a family and have a youthful child.

Stepan’s kid, Yarik is just 8 years of age. He left this world too early leaving his sweet little family in deplorability and pain.

Major Stepan Tarabalka Family-Who Are His Parents? Major Stepan Tarabalka was born and raised by a caring family.

He was nurtured by his mom, Nahtalia, and his dad, Evon. They are grieving the deficiency of their young 29-year-old child, Stepan.

Tarabalka’s folks are dealing with themselves by appreciating his recollections from an earlier time. To be valid, they are incredibly crushed by his passing.

Additionally, Stepan is made due by his more youthful kin named Julia. His family didn’t get to see his dead body since it arrived in a shut coffin.

Major Stepan Tarabalka Age-How Old Was He? UAF Major Stepan Tarabalka was just 29 years old at the hour of his end.

He was born on 9 January 1993 in Korolyovka, Ukraine. He held Ukrainian citizenship and he lost his life attempting to safeguard his country.