Who is Makan Ceesay? Baruch College student rips down posters of kidnapped Israelis, attacks bystander when confronted

Makan Ceesay’s demonstration sparkles debate over Israeli prisoner mindfulness
Baruch Undergrad assaults onlooker while destroying banners of Hamas-abducted Israelis
Ongoing New York episode brings up issues around strains in the Israeli-Hamas struggle

Baruch Undergrad Makan Ceesay started discussion by destroying banners featuring Hamas-hijacked Israeli regular people, viciously going after a spectator in New York City.

Who is Makhan Ceesay?

In an upsetting episode on November 10, 2023, Makan Ceesay, a Baruch Undergrad, acquired consideration for his forceful activities in New York City. Ceesay was caught on video destroying banners intended to bring issues to light about Israeli regular people abducted by Hamas psychological militants in Gaza.

When stood up to by spectators, Ceesay’s response took a vicious turn. In a stunning showcase, he went after one individual utilizing an umbrella. The squabble unfurled in the midst of elevated pressures encompassing the Hamas-grabbed regular citizens, including ladies and youngsters, during fear assaults in October 2023 that brought about various setbacks.

On November 12, an observer uncovered a disrupting trade with Ceesay, citing him as saying, “Jews are all sh*t and need to die,” when interrogated regarding his damaging activities. The occurrence raises worries about the inspirations driving Ceesay’s forceful way of behaving and his clear contempt for the Israeli prisoners, remembering two-year-old kids and Holocaust survivors for their 80s.

As of November 2023, Ceesay’s currently erased LinkedIn profile demonstrated his quest for a four year certification in “Computerized Correspondence and Media/Sight and sound” at Baruch School, with a normal graduation in 2024. Further subtleties uncover his administrative job at Komune in New York from May to October 2023 and past studies at the State College of New York at Oswego.

The episode including Ceesay highlights the intricacies encompassing the Israeli-Hamas struggle and the assorted viewpoints that people bring to the very front. Specialists are researching the occurrence, trying to figure out the inspirations driving Ceesay’s disastrous activities and the possible ramifications for local area relations.

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