Who is Malik Wilson? Suspect arrested in deadly stabbing outside Lauren Daigle concert in Sacramento

A man was killed in a wounding that occurred on Tuesday night in midtown Sacramento
The 23-year-old suspect has been distinguished as Malik Wilson
Laronn Derose Wilson II, age 22, has been recognized as the casualty in the wounding

A man was killed in a terrible wounding that occurred on Tuesday night outside the Brilliant 1 Place in midtown Sacramento. Specialists have since arrested one suspect. The man has been recognized as Malik Wilson.


Laronn Derose Wilson II, age 22, has been distinguished as the casualty by the Sacramento Province Coroner’s Office.

Who is Malik Wilson?

Malik Wilson is 23 years of age. As per the Sacramento Police Office, he was arrested by criminal investigators on Wednesday at around 5 p.m. nearby Marconi Road and Calderwood Path after a “tireless” search.

Specialists checked that the suspect and the casualty were not related, despite the fact that they had a similar last name. It was asserted that the two of them were destitute.

The occasion occurred in the Midtown House at roughly 4:45 p.m., relatively close to the Brilliant 1 Community entrance where individuals were showing up for a Christian stage performance.

Subsequent to being cut something like once, the casualty was pronounced dead at a nearby emergency clinic. Blockades and wrongdoing tape were raised to get concert attendees far from the crime location. The Lauren Daigle execution went on regardless of the surprising closeness; a large number might not have realized that a murder examination was as yet in progress nearby.

“It’s somewhat startling,” concert attendee Cal Troubadour said. The facts really confirm that I am aware of a more youthful niece who is seven years of age who is going to this occasion, and from its vibes, numerous more youthful individuals are going to too. The way that they’ve worked effectively obstructing this really makes me happy.”

The Brilliant 1 Community, an important urban resource, has become exposed during the murder request, in the midst of stresses over open security and savage wrongdoing in the midtown district. Moreover, police focused on that they thought the suspect and casualty were “encountering vagrancy.”