Who is Mary Austin? Freddie Mercury Proposed to Her for Marriage

The main lady that Freddie Mercury really adored was her. Mary Austin was perhaps of the main figure in his life, despite the fact that she was altogether different from the gaudy frontman of Sovereign. The hard of hearing guardians of the calm common young lady raised her, and she remained at Freddie Mercury’s side until his passing in 1991.

Entertainer Lucy Boynton depicts Mary, one of the critical characters in the film Bohemian Composition. The in-person The West London chateau where Freddie died in 1991 because of a Guides related affliction is presently home to Mary Austin. She didn’t eliminate remembrances to the late artist until a year ago.


Who is Mary Austin? In light of their dear kinship, Freddie Mercury proposed to Mary Austin and left her with half of his £75 million home, remembering the £25 million Georgian house for Kensington. They did for sure go on dates, and, surprisingly, however their relationship finished, they stayed dear companions.

Freddie once said: “Every one of my darlings asked me for what good reason they couldn’t supplant Mary, yet it’s just inconceivable. My main companion is Mary, and I don’t need any other person. As far as I might be concerned, she was my precedent-based regulation spouse. As far as I might be concerned, it was a marriage.”

“We have confidence in one another. That is enough for me. I was unable to fall head over heels for a man like I have with Mary.”

Mary is accounted for to have allowed her approval for the new film highlighting Rami Malek as Freddie, despite the fact that she was not engaged with its creation.

How did Mary Austin and Freddie Mercury initially meet? Five years in the wake of showing up in Britain, Freddie and Mary previously ran into each other in 1969.

He had quite recently moved on from workmanship school when he was 24 years of age, and Mary, 19 at that point and working in a West London shop, promptly became hopelessly enamored.

They promptly moved in together in a humble condo near Kensington Market, where Freddie and Sovereign drummer Roger Taylor ran a dress corner.

When did Mary Austin and Freddie Mercury separate? Despite the fact that there had been some hypothesis in regards to Freddie’s s*xual direction, his s*xuality was not addressed for some time because of Mary’s successive presence. In 1973, he proposed to her and composed a melody called “Love of My Life” in her honor.

Mary said: “I was confused. I thought, ‘I fail to see what’s going on.’ It wasn’t what I’d expected by any means.”

In any case, Freddie observed that he was attracted to guys and started having illicit relationships.

In 1976, he purportedly uncovered to her that he was bis*xual. “I will always remember that second. I said, ‘No, Freddie, I don’t think you are bis*xual. I think you are gay.”

After their speedy separation, she before long moved into a close by level, and Freddie started tossing wild gatherings.

Notwithstanding, Mary stayed close and, surprisingly, worked for his administration firm.

How much cash did he leave her? In his September 1991 will, Freddie passed on portion of his colossal wealth to Mary and the other half to his folks and sister.

The majority of his colleagues, including his sweetheart, Jim Hutton, got either a house or £500,000 each. At the point when Freddie died at 45, Mary was by his bedside, holding his hand.

Afterward, she satisfied his solicitation for his remains to be clandestinely dissipated.

She has never uncovered the remains’ area, notwithstanding various bits of hearsay that she set them in Kensal Green Burial ground or under the cherry tree in his nursery.

Where could Mary Austin currently be? Jamie and Richard’s dad, painter Docks Cameron, was not the man Mary decided to marry; all things being equal, she separated from Nick Holford.

She later made sense of: “I lost my family when Freddie died. He was everything to me, aside from my children. He resembled nobody I had met previously.”

Fans regularly offer their appreciation at the London home where Mary, presently 67, should keep a confined presence behind the chateau’s spiked walls.