Who is Mary Bailey? Woman charged in 1985 Wisconsin cold case murder of Yvonne Menke

Mary Bailey, 80, captured for Yvonne Menke’s 1985 virus case murder
Forward leap in Wisconsin case as specialists catch Bailey in Arizona
Many years old secret sees improvement with the new capture in Menke’s homicide

Arizona occupant Mary Josephine Bailey, 80, has to deal with penalties in the 1985 virus case murder of Yvonne Menke in Wisconsin.

Experts in Arizona captured Mary Josephine Bailey regarding the 37-year-old virus case murder of Yvonne Menke in western Wisconsin. Delegates captured Bailey at her home in Maricopa District, Arizona, as per the Polk Province Sheriff’s Office.

Who is Mary Bailey?

On the morning of December 12, 1985, Yvonne Menke, 45, was lethally shot multiple times in the head and neck as she sat in her vehicle, prepared to leave for work, in St. Croix Falls. As indicated by the Polk Region Sheriff’s Office, following the shots, an observer spotted somebody leaving the back street close to Menke’s home, wearing a dim three-quarter length coat and a dim shaded loading cap.

Bailey is having to deal with formal penalties from the Polk Province Lawyer’s Office and is being removed from Arizona to Wisconsin. The capture is a tremendous step in the right direction in the almost four-very long term cold case examination, and it offers a reestablished feeling of expectation for Menke’s family and the local area, as specialists proceed with their endeavors to unwind the conditions prompting the 1985 homicide.

Menke’s homicide, which had been a secret for quite a long time, made specialists reevaluate the case, which prompted Bailey’s distinguishing proof as a suspect. While the inspiration or connection among Bailey and Menke stays obscure, the capture is a step in the right direction in settling this long-running case.

The Polk Province Sheriff’s Office noticed that the examination is as yet continuous and asks that anybody with data call them at 715-485-8300. In spite of the capture, authorities are proceeding to examine the conditions behind Yvonne Menke’s troublesome demise in 1985.

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