Who is Matthew Antonio Zakrzewski? California babysitter sentenced to 707 years for sexually assaulting 16 boys

A male babysitter was sentenced for physically attacking 16 little fellows in his consideration

He has been given a jail sentence of over 700 years


Matthew Antonio Zakrzewski, who was likewise sentenced for showing kid sexual maltreatment material

Matthew Antonio Zakrzewski, a male babysitter who marked himself as a “manny” and took care of families across southern California, has been condemned to north of 700 years in jail for the rape of 16 young men under his consideration.

Who is Matthew Antonio Zakrzewski?

The 34-year-old, sentenced in October on north of 30 crimes, including obscene and lustful demonstrations with minors, likewise had to deal with penalties for uncovering a young man to kid sexual maltreatment material.

During the condemning hearing on Friday, Zakrzewski, showing no regret, conveyed a proclamation to the court. Regardless of the seriousness of his wrongdoings, he communicated pride in probably giving pleasure to the kids he really focused on. As he talked, casualties’ folks were apparently troubled, covering their ears and crying tears.

Zakrzewski’s capture in May 2019 followed a report from a couple to the Laguna Ocean side police, claiming improper contacting of their child. Ensuing examinations uncovered extra casualties, prompting the recording of 34 crime allegations against Zakrzewski, whose casualties went from two to 12 years of age. A jury later viewed him to be liable all in all.

The head prosecutor, Todd Spitzer, described the case as a frightening treachery by a guardian, underlining the unfathomable dread experienced by the young men. Zakrzewski, an inhabitant of Costa Plateau, had introduced himself as a babysitter as well as a supplier of a good times “pal” insight for the kids shared with his consideration.

The grievous idea of Zakrzewski’s activities and the critical jail sentence highlight the gravity of the charges and the enduring effect on the people in question, their families, and the local area overall.