Who Is Mel Tiangco Husband? Is She Married? Relation With Jay Sonza

Individuals are keen on getting familiar with Mel Tiangco’s Significant other. Mel Tiangco (Carmela Corro Tiangco) is a Filipino TV character and reporter.

She is a multi-granted commentator and a customary on GMA News and Public Undertakings. Tiangco rose to unmistakable quality in Philippine TV news shows in the wake of moving on from De La Salle College. She started her TV profession in September 1981, facilitating the social program “Reprise” and securing the report “Newscenter 4” on the public authority run channel MBS.


Mel worked at the public authority station until the Marcos autocracy finished. She then, at that point, moved to ABS-CBN and became co-anchor of Balita Ngayon, a previous report on the organization. From 1987 until 1995, she came to conspicuousness as one of the main anchors of television Watch, ABS-CBN’s lead news show.

She was the anchor of Saksi on the GMA Organization from 1996 to 1999, and Frontpage: Ulat ni Mel Tiangco from 1999 to 2004. She co-facilitated the discussion programs Mel and Jay, Mel and Joey, with essayist comic television have Joey de Leon, and Sanib Puwersa with Arnold Clavio with individual writer Jay Sonza. We should proceed to see more about Mel Tiangco’s hubby.

Mel Tiangco’s Better half Data Tiangco has not unveiled her relationship status, thusly it is muddled in the event that she is hitched or in a relationship. Individuals have been interested about Mel Tiangco’s marriage subtleties. When new data on her relationship opens up, it will be refreshed. Her three kids are Jose Miguel, Ana Teresa, and Melanie.

There is no data had some significant awareness of her better half’s name. Mel likes to keep her own belongings stowed away. This data will be refreshed immediately. Tiangco’s child is Wency Cornejo, a performer most popular as the essential vocalist of the Filipino musical gang AfterImage (dynamic during the 1990s).

Jay Sonza’s Relationship Course of events The fight among Tiangco and Jay Sonza, a previous Mel and Jay and ABS-CBN co-have, is the focal point of GMA-7.

Mel and Jay, an old ABS-CBN show, circulated from 1989 to 1996. It required 16 years to finish the review. In light of the High Court’s choice to excuse ABS-CBN’s cases against Tiangco, Sonza, and GMA-7, GMA-7 gave an authority explanation in Walk 2011. Tiangco and Sonza used to introduce Mel and Jay, an ABS-CBN Sunday Network program.

The High Court found that ending their agreement with ABS-CBN was allowable and that Mel and Jay’s takeoff from the organization was not impacted by GMA-7.

As indicated by the proclamation, “There was no proof that GMA convinced Mel and Jay to leave ABS-CBN in light of the fact that they had previously cancelled their concurrences with ABS-CBN when the two moved to GMA.” This media standard is embraced around the world. A reporter, whether composed or broadcast, can’t promote an item.

The individual isn’t approved to request supports by utilizing the believability acquired as a columnist. This incited ABS-CBN to suspend Tiangco, in spite of the way that the overall population is uninformed about it. Mel was punished by being suspended from her situation as co-anchor of television Watch and the Mel and Jay radio program for a long time without pay.

She did, be that as it may, keep on showing up on Mel and Jay on Sundays. Afterward, Jay left ABS-CBN, while Mel quit the organization endlessly and would not film for the program.