Who is Micah Kiprotich? Suspect in Murder of Angeline Mary Wangui to be detained for 14 days


Kabarak College understudy Micah Kiprotich connected to the homicide of Mary Wangui kept for 14 days.

We should see more insights concerning the homicide and what has been going on with Mary Wangui in the accompanying passages.


Who was Angeline Mary Wangui? What has been going on with her? A 21-year-elderly person was pitilessly killed and her body was put in a sack and unloaded on Ngata Scaffold along the Nakuru-Eldoret thruway. Ms. Angeline Mary Wangui’s body was found on Jamhuri Day. As indicated by her dad, Mr. James Maina-he last addressed his little girl on December 11, 2022, at 8 pm.

“She informed me she was planning dinner and that she was with her senior sister. She advised me to welcome her mom,” said Mr. Maina at his Langalanga home house in Gilgil Municipality.

Mary would have rather not missed the party to which she had been welcomed. She said she’d be back in the first part of the day. Analysts and her family were educated by her sister that Ms. Wangui was continuously talking on the telephone with somebody who was mentioning a clarification for her deferrals.

The next day, her body was found deserted out and about. Solely after getting a mournful call from their minister did Mary’s father learn of her passing.

He guarantees that in spite of being the family’s last youngster, he has not yet figured out how to acknowledge the passing of his girl.

What was the Reason for death according to the Reports? As indicated by a posthumous, the little kid died from suffocation ” Her body was stripped, her telephone, ID, and pack were by and large present. She was choked, The specialist said that her lungs needed some place to take air so she stifled on the food she had eaten.

I don’t have the foggiest idea why somebody would need to kill her.” Suspect Micah Kiprotich confined for 14 days The police have been given consent by a Molo Court to hold Micah Kiprotich, the fundamental suspect in the killing of Nakuru occupant Angeline Mary Wangui, for 14 days until they complete their requests.

The suspect should remain at the Menengai Police headquarters for a long time under the steady gaze of showing up in court to enter a request, as per a mandate from Boss Judge Elena Nderitu.

Analysts will accumulate data from the suspect’s telephone during this time. Under the watchful eye of showing up in court to deal with murder, he will likewise be moved to Nakuru Level Five Clinic for a psychological evaluation. “The suspect will be confined at Menengai Police headquarters until January 27 when the case will be referenced to affirm assuming the officials have finished their examinations before he replies to kill allegations,” governed the judge. Who was Micah Kiprotich? Kiprotich, 26, has been associated with her savage homicide.

The body of a 21-year-elderly person was found last month deserted close to Ngata-Extension on the Nakuru-Eldoret expressway. The judge expressed that the circumstance expected her to endorse the police’s solicitation because of the extension and unpredictability of the examinations as given by the researching official Jared Omusungu.

Analyst Omusungu from the Directorate of Criminal Examinations asserted in his allure under the watchful eye of the court that the suspect evaporated subsequent to perpetrating the wrongdoing until he was tracked down on January 11 stowing away along the Kitale-Eldoret street. Is the Suspect fit to stand preliminary? The police looked for additional opportunity to have the suspect taken through a psychological evaluation to lay out whether he is fit to stand preliminary. As per the researching official, police likewise maintained that additional time should remove a few examples from the suspect which will be taken to the public authority scientific expert for investigation.

Mr. Omusungu likewise educated the court that the suspect’s telephone will be taken to the cybercrime segment so significant data that would help the examinations could be extricated.

The criminal investigator asked the adjudicator to permit them additional time, saying, “We petition the court to give us extra days to finish our examinations.

We are yet to record declarations from witnesses in the event that the court gives us 14 days will be of help.”

On Wednesday night, Mr. Kiprotich, a clinical understudy at Kabarak College, was cleared out of his concealing spot in Uasin Gishu Region.

Starting Level Examinations Nakuru Region Police Leader Peter Mwanzo said the suspect, a Kabarak College understudy, was cleared out of his refuge in Uasin Gishu District on Wednesday night.

He said the 26-year-old understudy has been on police radar for as long as month. Mr. Mwanzo said their examinations uncovered that the suspect sent cash to Ms. Wangui.

She should involve the cash as a transport charge to the setting of the party. He said the police laid out that the suspect was the last individual to be with the departed in the space where her body was found. He, nonetheless, said the idea of the wrongdoing could never have been perpetrated by one individual.

Cyprian, Is Nyakundi Posted A family in Gilgil is calling for equity following the passing of their 21-year-old girl Angeline Mary Wangui who was killed and her body unloaded on Ngata Extension along the Nakuru-Eldoret expressway. Mountain Patriot Posted 21-year-old little girl Angeline Mary Wangui’s body was seen as unloaded at Ngata Scaffold in Nakuru after she was accounted for missing. May God assist her family with adapting to the misfortune.