Who Is Michael Whyte From Darlene Krashoc Murder? Learn About The Suspect Who Evaded Arrest For Three Decades


Michael Whyte is a previous Army official from Colorado Springs. He came into the spotlight after he was captured and accused of the 1987 homicide of Darlene Krashoc.

Whyte was positioned at Fort Carson alongside the perished female soldier. On 17 March 1987, Darlene’s body was found behind a Korean eatery, 6 miles from Colorado Springs.


Krashoc was on a night out with her companions. Whenever she was returning, she was beaten, assaulted, choked to death, and her body was unloaded in an out-of-the-business area.

In spite of the fact that police observed DNA tests on Darlene’s body, they couldn’t actually track down a match until 2019. The hereditary genealogists followed the DNA material back to Michael.

From that point onward, the agents kept a close eye on him and followed him. They gathered his neglected soft drink cup and swabs on his vehicle’s entryway handle for proof.

The specialists rematched the examples and it was a match. They then, at that point, booked the tactical veteran, Michael Whyte for first-degree murder and he was viewed as at real fault for it.

At last, after north of thirty years of Krashoc’s fierce assault and murder, Michael was condemned to life detainment in 2021.

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Who Is Michael Whyte From Darlene Krashoc Murder? Michael Whyte is an indicted criminal since he killed Darlene Krashoc.

He is additionally an ex-armed force from Colorado Springs. Presently, he is carrying out a daily existence punishment for the assault and murder of Fort Carson soldier, Darlene.

According to LinkedIn, Whyte moved on from Sault High and Pierce College. He served in the US Army as a sign activities director from 1979 to 1998.

Following retirement, Michael worked at TW Telecom Inc as an architect. During his capture, he was a senior organization engineer for Level 3 Communications and CenturyLink.

Michael Whyte Wife And Family Details Explored Michael Whyte is hitched to his significant other with whom he carried on with the existence of a standard individual.

He and his accomplice were carrying on with a good life in the Denver rural areas. His significant other ought to be crushed subsequent to finding out with regards to his wrongdoings.

In any case, the subtleties on Whyte’s family and kids are carefully concealed.

Running against the norm, the casualty Darlene’s family was in court to watch equity being served. Her folks, Paul and Betty Lou Krashoc are fairly diminished after Whyte’s condemning.

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Is Michael Whyte Still In Jail? Charges Revealed Previous Army veteran, Michael Whyte is as yet in prison and he will stay there forever.

He stayed left out from the examination for north of thirty years. In 2019, the specialists at last followed the lawbreaker’s DNA back to him.

In any case, to be twofold certain, they followed him and assembled more proof. Michael was captured on 13 June 2019 with the guide of scientific lineage.

Afterward, in 2021, Whyte was accused of first-degree murder and condemned to life in jail.

Michael Whyte Age-How Old Is He? Starting at 2022, Michael Whyte is 61 years old since he was born in 1961.

At the point when he tormented and killed Darlene in 1987, he was just 26 years of age. He also was positioned at Fort Carson where Darlene functioned as a technician.